YouTube Tricks and Secret Features – 2017 Edition

Today I’m gonna tell about 10 most important tricks about YouTube that you should know! YouTube allows us to upload videos, movies, tutorials etc. YouTube claims that 100 hours of video uploaded every minute to its server. In Alexa, YouTube is no 3 position in global rank and no 4 position in the USA. YouTube reaches more than 1 billion unique visitors each month. Unique visitors mean every single device on the planet. That means every 14 humans on the planet visits YouTube at least once a month. It’s really very impressive news, isn’t it? According to this discussion, YouTube is a biggest web video sharing site on the planet and having with lots of features into it. So, You think you know all about YouTube? Think again!


10. How To Download YouTube Videos

We all knows that YouTube is a video monster. All kinds of videos are must available on YouTube. But You only can enjoy YouTube videos from online. To enjoy your favorite videos from offline then you must Download it to make it offline. Many third-party service providers are offering to Download YouTube Videos. That makes it super simple to download YouTube videos on your PC. Now I gonna show you some third-party YouTube videos download Methods, That is really very simple and fast!

Method 1: Download YouTube Videos With SAVEFROM.Net

Easiest is SAVEFROM.Net. They offered you the world easiest method to download YouTube videos.
If you want to download your current watching a video. Then it’s pretty simple! For Example: Find your video URL from your browser address bar. Your video URL should like this;


https: // www. youtube. com/ watch?v=Wwc5jKc-EgE

If you wanted to download this video, you would just add the “ss” after the “www.” but before “” And Now this link will like this;


Now hit the enter key to go for this link. It will auto redirect to SAVEFROM.Net site. Wait some moment. After some moment, it will show you about video quality option and ask you for download. Now just select and hit download with your favorite quality. Your Download will start!

Method 2: Download YouTube Videos With Clipconverter.CC is also most cool and fast YouTube video Down-loader. Just hit the site and wait until the site was loaded. Now copy your favorite YouTube video link. and paste it on’s URL box to download. Follow The Image Bellow;
YouTube Tricks

Method 3: Download YouTube Videos With Internet Download Manager (IDM)

We All Knows about IDM. Which is called Internet Download Manager? The Most Popular Download From Net utilities for PC. IDM is very fast internet download manager. And you can download YouTube videos just in 1 click! You Must have downloaded IDM first on your PC. This is a premium software. But you can use it free for 1 month. Then If You Like this software, you can buy it. Including IE, Chrome, AOL, MSN, Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox, Avant Browser, and many others. Internet Download Manager supports all versions of all popular browsers. Just Install It on your PC and Restart your PC. After Reboot, Just open your web browser and go for YouTube videos. Play your video, now have a look with a mini popup on the right corner of YouTube player. Just click on ‘Download This Video’ to get your video simply.

Method 4: Download YouTube Videos With Browser Extensions

Lots of extensions are available with popular browsers for download YouTube Videos. Just go for it with your browser and make download YouTube Videos In one click!

9. Set Higher Quality Playback For Default

Do you have a great internet connection speed? Do you like to enjoy YouTube videos in its higher quality? If Your Ans. is “yes” then you’re in correct place. Thankfully, YouTube has a way out of this important problem. Just click on over to when signed into to either Google or YouTube. Here, you can change the default to always view the best quality for your connection (even to always play HD). Conversely, you can set YouTube to never play higher-quality video if you are using a known sluggish connection.

8. YouTube Repeater

This is not an official Service from Google. But its Really awesome. And Easy to use. That allows users to easily set any YouTube video Repeat Again and again until the browser closed.
For Example: Now you are watching “Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation Trailer” on YouTube. And you like an action seen most. You wanna Repeat this seen again and again. you might choose one of the many unlicensed bootleg versions on YouTube such as:
To enable Repeater you have gone for this URL like bellow;
Now You can set the custom time for repeat your video.

7. Get Control With Key Commands

Hey, Are you still using mouse click to control YouTube videos? Come on Man! Key command pretty much better from the mouse click. Its Easy and fast. Here is some key command list for you. You Must consider to try it.

Space bar: pause/start
Side arrows: fast-forward and rewind
Number keys: Will send you to different parts of the video. 1 = 10 percent through the video; 2 = 20 percent; etc.
Zero key: Sends you back to the beginning.
Tab key: toggle through various vid commands; the Enter key and up/down arrows will let you control the commands.
Home / End keys: sends you directly to end / beginning.

6. Have Some Fun With YouTube Videos

Hey, Are you watching someone’s speak now? hehe now let’s have some fun with this. You can speeding and Slowing from settings for this video.
You have the option to slow a video down to half speed (0.5) and quarter speed (0.25). Unfortunately the sound mutes at quarter speed, but half speed will totally make people sound like they are halfway through the last call.
you can send people the other way on the chemical train through a quarter-speed faster (1.25), half-speed faster (1.5), and double speed (2.0). Quicken up the pace to listen to anyone sound like a truck driver on the last leg of a cross-country trip.

5. Moving Video All-around Like You Are Controlling The Camera

Google was recently add this feature on its site. Its called “360 Degree Video”. On Desktop you can navigate all-around of 360 degree videos with mouse. Watch The . The term “360” is inadequate since you can look in all dimensions, not just around a circle in a single plane, as the name 360 would suggest. Take it up with Google.
But, Unfortunately, it’s not to find easy with latest updated Android apps. If you wanna use it then you must go for it from your PC.

4. Link to a Specific Time in a Video

Yes, with YouTube this is totally possible. Now you can link your video to a specific time. For Example, You love 1min:33Sec Seen. And wanted to share this seen with your friend. Now Just Follow The instruction.
Link to a Specific Time in a Video

3. Embed A Video On Your Website

Wanted to embed a YouTube Video on your website? Then you can use YouTube Video embed code. Go to “Share” Tab. Bellow The “Share” Tab click on the “Embed” tab. Then the video embed code will auto-generated. Now You Can use this code on your website to embed a video. It will automatically be set at 560 wide and 315 long, but you can add a custom size in the in the “Video size:” field.

2. Auto-generated Playlist That’s Based On Your Taste

Just Start Watching Some Music Videos From YouTube. And then look in the right-hand column to find the auto-generated playlist (the title will begin with “Mix –” and it will be created by user “YouTube”). Here you can find lots of videos as your current searches. Open This Auto Play List. Don’t worry this playlist is generated from your taste. Now Enjoy This Jukebox!

1. Change YouTube Themes

Tired of the default look on YouTube? You can download some theme extension for YouTube with your browser. Just Go to your browser extension Store, and Search for “YouTube Theme Changer”. Now you will get some extensions as your search keywords. Install Your favorite one. and just change the edge of YouTube Site!

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