How to Remove Ads Box from KMPlayer ALL Version

How to Remove KMPlayer Ads Box

Learn step by step with pictures about how to remove ads from KMPlayer. This method works on all KMPlayer version new and old. This guide will help you to stop kmplayer connecting to the internet, remove ads box on the side panel and remove KMPlayer ads from desktop. After doing all those steps, you get

How to Delete a File without Sending to Recycle Bin

Some files are unnecessary and we try to delete them permanently. But deleting remains in the Recycle Bin this process is normally setup in our PC and those unnecessary consumes lots of storage spaces. If you want to clean your storage, then you need to delete those files again and this is meaningless work and

How to Make Computer Speak Whatever You Type

You will be wounder after reading this article and will be more when you will make Text to Speech Converter software and your computer speak whatever you type! The most interesting thing is that you will be able to know whether your computer is male or female!!! That means gender of your pc you can

How to Hide Files Or Folder in Windows 10

Some documents, files, medias are so personal that we never want to be exposed to others. We always try store our sensitive information and private files in a safe place. If you are sharing your computer with other family member or any one, then it becomes very much obvious to secure those documents from family

Make a Program Run at Startup in Windows 10

add program to start up in windows 10

What Does Actually Mean by Startup Programs? Startup Programs run automatically when user login to their system. Many programs by default run when you boot your computer. Most of those programs are valuable to run your machine properly. And many programs have the feature to add themselves as startup program when you install them to

How to Create Local Account in Windows 10

To use most of the new features of windows 10, you need to use a Microsoft account. But if want a additional local account that’s why my article to help you by giving proper guide to create a local account in windows 10. Beside this windows 10 got ┬ámany privacy violations, unapproved third party app.

Delete Microsoft Account on Windows 10

Delete Microsoft Account on Windows 10

If you just want to change your Microsoft account or remove your Microsoft account from you windows 10 to switch an local account, follow this part Remove Microsoft Account From Windows 10 Locally. But if you want to delete your Microsoft account permanently, you should read my full article to know everything about Microsoft account.