How to Make Windows 10 Faster

How to Make Windows 10 Faster

Windows 10 is becoming more and more famous from its release date. If you upgrade your OS from previews windows or use a built-in Windows 10 PC, whatever you use, Your PC might lag for some crucial reasons. Here we will find out How to Make Windows 10 Faster. Windows 10 is a very advanced operating

Best Free PC Games 2018 – Top 11 New Games for Windows 10

Top 11 Games for Window Store

Windows 10 is the revolutionary product for Microsoft. Having big fan base and getting popular day by day is awesome. It has created a good impression to its user. It is stylish and animated. It has a built-in app + game store in it. Why do you run after paid games or another game, when

How to Remove VBS:Malware-gen Viruses

How to Remove VBS:Malware-gen Viruses

VBS:Malware-gen is a harmful virus towards your PC. It’s like a malware who, damage your computer device’s Operating system. When it enters into your computer device, it will start generating random files, change your computer settings, take control of your computer and its data. Here we will show you how to remove VBS:Malware-gen Viruses from your

How to Shutdown Windows 10 More Quickly

How to Shutdown Windows 10

In the previous version of Windows like Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7, we clicked on start button then clicked on Shutdown. Nowadays in Windows 10, we also have to click on Windows Button then click on power and then finally click on Shutdown to power off our PC. But why we just stick to those

Password Protect Google Chrome – How to Guide

How to Protect Your Google Chrome Browser with Password

If you want to protect your valuable information from your Google Chrome browser and wondering how to do that, you have come to a right place in this tutorial we will teach you how to protect your Google Chrome browser with a password. We use computers to do our significant works for our various need.

How to Delete Windows.old Folder from Windows 10

How to Delete Windows.old Folder from Windows

As we know Windows 10 is becoming more famous day by day. Windows 10 has given Microsoft the most wanted spotlight. Many of us have upgraded to Window 10 from an older version of the window. Window 10 offers an upgrade process which helps us to upgrade window from an older version of Windows. After

How to Get New Microsoft Paint Preview for Windows 10

How to get the new Microsoft Paint Preview app for Windows 10

In Windows 10 everything like almost element has been updated. But the paint app is still old style and doesn’t get any update on new windows 10. But you might like to announce that new Microsoft Paint app is coming to Window 10 users. It has more beautiful user experience than the old ones. This

How to Reset Windows 10 Computer or Laptop

Reset Windows 10 Computer or Laptop

Microsoft windows 10 is the most popular operating system. But problems can arise due to any mismanagement or any other buggy software. Whatever it is, if your computer or laptop does not run well and you are facing strange type errors or just want to back to its default state, then this guide is for

How to Remove GOM Player Advertisement | Disable Popup Ads

How to Remove GOM Player Advertisement

GOM player is the most popular video and Media Player. You can play any media formats by it. But when you open a video or media on it, at first ads are displayed on its screen. And after finishing of the media, advertisements are displayed again. Those are annoying and nobody like that ads though

How to Turn Computer Screen Upside Down on Windows 10


To instantly view graphics of your computer from different angles flipping is very useful way. Monitor’s orientation would be more visible at a different angle and rotating monitor is absolutely safe to display graphics of your pc. People Also Search for: My computer screen is upside down. How do I fix it? How to change