How to Create Local Account in Windows 10


create a local account in windows 10

To use most of the new features of windows 10, you need to use a Microsoft account. But if want a additional local account that’s why my article to help you by giving proper guide to create a local account in windows 10. Beside this windows 10 got  many privacy violations, unapproved third party app. To make sure that none of them can use your personal information, you should remove or delete your Microsoft account from your windows 10. But before removing your Microsoft account from your computer, you must need to have Local account in your windows 10.

Why Do You Need a Local Account?

Local account is a username and a password which will allow to login a user to his local machine. It gives access to use system’s resources, customize the settings & operating system, download and install apps on windows. And it is necessary to remove Microsoft account if you don’t need it. But without a Microsoft account you won’t be able to use Microsoft products and services  like Outlook, OneDrive, Office, Skype, Xbox Live, Bing, MSN, Stores etc.

Millions of windows never use any secondary account but this is not so secure for windows 10 for many policy violations ans unapproved third party apps. Beside this it also secure your computer from other members of your family.

Whatever it is, I’m now guide you to setup a local account on your windows 10.

Local Account Setup Guide

1. First of all you need to enter Account Settings. To enter account settings click on start menu button.Create a local account on windows 10
2. Find the “Settings” option on your administrative account row and click on “Settings” option now.create a local account on windows 10
3. After click on setting option, it will pop up to open system Settings. And now click on “Accounts” on that page.create a local account in windows 10
4. Now on “your account” page click on “Sign in with a local account instead”.create a local account in windows
5. Now a pop up will open and ask for current password that means your Microsoft account password. So enter your Microsoft account password on the box and then click on “Next” button.create a local account in windows 10
6. On the first box enter your local account username and then enter a password for your local account & reenter that password on the next box. Lastly enter a hint on the password hint box which will remind you if you can’t remember your password. Now hit on “Next” button to create your local account. create a local account for windows 10
7. Now your are almost done just need a click on “Sign out and finish” button. But before doing so, read the caution. It is necessary when your in the middle of any work on your windows PC. Because all the apps will close when you sign out from your Microsoft account to create a local account. So, before sign out make sure you are close all apps and important things like documents, notes  etc. If you are done then click on “Sign out and finish” button.

Final Word

Now you are login with your newly created local account. Hope you guys enjoy your windows 10 life with local account.

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