Why Do People Upload Their Picture on Internet?


Why Do People Upload Their Picture on Internet?

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Uploading picture on internet is a matter of joy nothing else, isn’t it?

People are continuously uploading their photos on internet. By born you love to gain attention of others. And uploading a picture of their beautiful faces with wearing dresses or without wearing is a pretty way to get attention. Uploading photos of vacation, photos at party, photos of drinking, photos at the beach, photos at restaurant, photos at home, photos inside washroom with caption “I’m washing …”, aren’t those pretty good ways of expressing ourselves and our life? Do people only need attention? Of course not, people need something horrible.

People love to see themselves and this desire makes us crazy. Mirror is a perfect thing to do so. But if someone want to see their younger version, photo(video is actually slideshow) is the one and only solution as time machine is not yet available. To meet this crazy desire, we need to protect our photos. And internet is safe place to protect our pictures. Oops! is it safe?

For personal identity, people make their profile on different platform. They upload their photos as their friends, relatives, even unknown also can identify them. Yeah it has a great value to recognize oneself. We know there so many online profile of similarly named. But when one photo has got many different name then which one is real one? Where can we find identity of our dearest one?

Most of us love to express personal lives with others. We love to share their happy moments with others. When I check on social media sites, I become astonished to see the charming photos of different people expressing different lifestyles. Those are always smiling, making fun, enjoying something etc. Sometimes I become amused to think, are they actually happy that seems to be in their photos? People can’t be happy always. They got a brain(always making pain and joy simultaneously). Then I used to get thoughtful, thinking about those facts.

A cute young girl takes picture with a beautiful smile to impress her boyfriend. That is awesome and most precious thing. I really love to see someone getting engaged and their beautiful emotions. Some old men with wrinkled skin and grey hair upload their profile pictures in the social media sites and try to flirt with girls who are aged equal to their daughters. Isn’t that a shameful thing to be happened?

Final Words

There has many reason behind this uploading and this will continue as because hunger for attention and desire for relationship will never end up. I know you have very specific reason for uploading your picture on internet. Please mention those in the comment box.


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