Where are my followers from? Instagram followers location, city, country

Where are my followers from? Instagram followers location, city, country


If you don’t understand your audience properly you won’t get succeed on Instagram. Knowing your audience will help you to get more followers and get better engagement. Your content should be according to your audience’s locations and their habit. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get Instagram Followers Location. Here we will cover the topic, how to find where are my followers from?

Why is Instagram Followers Location Important?

Location plays a great role on Instagram. It lets you understand your follower more deeply. As if you ran a business, it’s highly recommended to know your follower’s location. By knowing the location, you can get much valuable information about your audience and customers. Like, you can target new business area to reach more people. Location tagging makes your content more relevant to your followers. As result, it will generate more views & engagement. However, you can also schedule your post’s according to your audience’s time & location.

Where Are My Followers from? Instagram Followers Location, City, Country

Getting real-time geographical data of your follower is a great way to absorb your reach all around the world. As we said, there are many ways to know the location of your Instagram follower’s location. Those ways will show your follower’s location including country and city. Here are some very easy ways to get Instagram followers location.

Instagram Insight

From Instagram insights, you can easily see where you are getting followers. Firstly, you have to turn your account into a business account. Just go to Profile > Options > Switch to Business profile(on mobile).  Once you turn your Instagram account into a business account, go to the profile page.

click on the instagram profile tab

Then you will get a statistical sign at the top right corner of your screen.

click on the statistics sign from your profile page

Scroll down a little bit and check at the Follower section. At this section, you will get all basic data about your followers. Just like age, gender and most importantly their location. You can see the location of their city or country! Isn’t it amazing? However, you can also use third-party apps to get detailed info.

On the Instagram Statistics option you will get all information about your followers including the location

Iconosquare Tool

If you want in-depth location information about your Instagram follower’s location, you must try more advanced apps, like Iconosquare. It monitors & optimize your Instagram account and provides a detailed data about your follower’s location. You can get the location information with an interactive world map.

Also, you can get more features on this advanced tool. It only works on Instagram and Facebook accounts.

here You will get detailed information about your instagram follower location with a map

Minter.io Tool

Minter is another fantastic app that provides full monitored data of your Instagram account. Here you can get to know the location, city, and country of your Instagram followers on one page. It also provides PDF reports based on your Instagram analytics. Overall, it’s a great tool to get follower location and other info.

in miner.io you will get instagram followers location with wide map

Kuku.io Tool

Here the Kuku Instagram analyzer. Using this tool, you can analyze your Instagram account data and get much valuable information’s. In Kuku tool, you will get the real-time information of your Instagram followers. As like, you can get followers, geographical location according to Country and city.

the image of kiku.io instagram analyzer report on followers location

Smartmetrics Tool

Another Instagram analyzer tool is Smartmetrics. This tool provides so many advanced statics about your Instagram account. It shows you all available information about your followers in interactive diagram and charts. You can get your followers data including location, language, gender, and others.

Instagram followers geographical information on Smartmetrics Tool

Picalytics Tool

As an integrated social analyzer tool, Picalytics is mentionable one. It will work perfectly on your Instagram account. Here you will get geographical data of your Instagram followers with a wide word map. The deeper one means more followers. Along with that, you can also get other information about city, location, gender, and others easily.

picalytics tool provided instagram followers location with map

Use the Gained Data

Those detailed statistics of your Instagram account are not only worth to just viewing. You have to apply those data to improve Instagram growth rate. Adjust the content according to the follower’s time zone. Increase engagement by knowing their choices. Therefore, it will lead you the way to be successful Instagram user as person or business.


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