What Time Does Wells Fargo Close on Saturday

What Time Does Wells Fargo Close on Saturday


As we know, Wells Fargo is a billion-dollar banking and financial service provider company. From the beginning, they started to spread their branches to provides banking fatalist. Now they are serving a big customer community all over the United States. Those Branches are available in all 50 states. However, each branch has their unique opening and closing time. Here we will show you the Wells Fargo closing time on Saturday.

What Time Does Wells Fargo Close on Saturday?

But, in Saturday as a weekend, they cut off their work hour. On Saturday, they close their branches at a specific time before normal closing time. Generally, at Wells Fargo branches work hour for Saturday is set at 9 am – 1 pm.

It may get changed to other Wells Fargo locations. Here we gave all possible working hours of Wells Fargo Branches(Bank, Mortgage, Advisor) on Saturday.


Possible Time

9 am – 1 or 2 or 3 or 6 pm

What Time Does Wells Fargo ATMs Close on Saturday?

You should remember that Wells Fargo ATMs are always available to give service. It’s all open for 24 hours. You can go to your nearest Wells Fargo ATM location and use it anytime. Here is a work hour chart for Wells Fargo ATMs.

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24 Hours

Note: The working hour is not fixed for all Wells Fargo branches that are situated in different 50 states. So, it’s always better to get a correct opening and closing time using Wells Fargo Branch locator.

Wells Fargo Customer Service

You can also contact with Wells Fargo Customer Service to get official support. They will surely help you to know any exact information.




Wells Fargo General Banking


24 Hours

Hope you have got a strong idea about Wells Fargo Branch Saturday Closing Time.

Wells Fargo Banking Days and Hours

Like other banking corporation in America, Wells Fargo has their generic work days and hours. Here we have covered all information of Wells Fargo banking days and hours.

Wells Fargo Working Days

As working time zone of Wells Fargo branches, they open their Branches at 6 days in a week. Those days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. In those days they stay active at their working hours and provide banking services.

Wells Fargo Closing Day

Generally, Wells Fargo provides their services within 6 days of the week. But at one day they close their branches and stay off from banking and financial services. That day is Sunday. (It’s also considered as a weekly holiday)

Wells Fargo Opening Time

Wells Fargo has a standard work hour for their branches. They start giving their banking and financial services from a specific opening time. According to general work hour of Wells Fargo, they open their branches at 9 am.

Wells Fargo Closing Time

As Wells Fargo has a specific time to open their branches, they also have a specific time to close their branches. At that certain time, they stop giving all banking and financial services and close the branch. The standard closing time of Wells Fargo branch is 6 PM.(It may vary to other Wells Fargo locations)

Last Lines

So, that’s was the closing time of Well Fargo brunch for Saturday. As it is weekend, they stop their services little bit earlier. So, always check the closing time before going into any Wells Fargo location.


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