What Is Pace Anti-Piracy?

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Pace Anti-Piracy is a company, that is a Software security and license platform for the digital content creator. It’s a subsidiary of Silicon Valley and providing their Anti-Piracy services since 1985. Their software security solutions are taken by the most reputed company in the digital world. Here we will talk about what is Pace Anti-Piracy and what do they do.

What Is Pace Anti-Piracy?

Name: Pace Anti-Piracy

Website: https://www.paceap.com

Established: 1985

Location: Silicon Valley, California, US

It’s a reputable Anti-Piracy company from Silicon Valley. The company is located in Silicon Valley, California, US. They are providing several types of tools and products to protect software from getting pirated.  Thayer easy and high-quality solutions are distributed by annual fee structure. That’s how they drive revenue by providing software protections.

Company Products

Products: iLok, Pace web service, software-based protection

Available on: Windows, Mac OS

Pace Anti-Piracy has several products that get used to protect digital content, software with an advanced security system. They also deliver portable license system through iLok USB dongle key. The main aim of those products is to encapsulate client’s software from hackers and other unauthorized access.


Since 1985, many software and digital content publishers relying on Pace Anti-Piracy. At the starting of 20’s era, they have developed their products to serve a new generation of companies. As a result, many tech gains have assigned to Pace Anti-Pricey solutions. Some of them are, Adobe, Apple Computer, Nikon, Philips, Walt Disney Company, NotionMusic, Fujitsu, and others.

Last Lines

If you want to uninstall Pace Anti-Piracy, then you can do it by uninstalling the driver from your computer device. The company is known for their various kinds of features, that helps software creators to save their products.


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