What Is LCD Conditioning?

LDC displays are much batter replace of CTR monitors. In LCD display system, you won’t face any burn-in problems like CTR monitors have. But, you may face image persistence or stuck pixels problems on your LCD monitors. But it isn’t permanent like CTR monitors. To solve image persistence problem in LCD monitors, we use LCD conditioning technique. Here we will talk about what is LCD conditioning and how to do it.

Note: Image persistence occurs on an LCD monitor when a brighter image is get displayed for a long time. In image persistence problem, a part of LCD monitor keeps displaying an unexpected color.

What Is LCD Conditioning?

Using LCD conditioning technique, we can get rid of image persistence problem. In LCD Conditioning process, we display different kinds of colors on our LCD monitors for a certain period. It breaks the consistent polarity of LCD pixels and they get their normal form again.
LCD Conditioning

LCD Conditioning for Dell monitors

In today’s market, most of the Dell manufactured computers comes with built-in LCD conditioning program. So, now you don’t have to do LCD conditioning by manually. Just go into your Dell monitor Display settings > Others > LCD Conditioning.

LCD Conditioning for Other Monitors

If your LCD monitors don’t have built-in LCD Condition program, then you have to do it in another way. You can do it manually by displaying several colors on your monitor screen or download an LCD Conditioning software.

Best Monitor testing software: MonitorTest, EIZO MONITOR TEST, LCDTest

👉 LCD conditioning process is time-consuming. So, be patient during the process.
👉 If once LCD conditioning doesn’t fix your problem, repeat the process again.

Last world

LCD monitor doesn’t get burn-in as easily as CTR monitors. But it’s better to use LCD conditioning technique if your face image persistence or stuck pixels problem.

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