What Does An IT Systems Engineer Do?

In the digital age we live in, IT solutions are pivotal in all walks of life but none more so than in the workplace. The UK currently has around 5.6 million businesses within it and you can expect each and every one of them to have some form of IT solution be that in-house or outsourced.

IT, however, is a very broad term and there are many roles and responsibilities within it. One of the more important ones is an IT systems engineer.

This is a great career to go into with an average wage of £34,905 which places it high above the UK average salary. Landing a role such as this one though requires hard work and determination. Read on to find out exactly what the responsibilities of this job are.

Develop and maintain networks, servers and systems

A business will require a strong server and network in order to function as it is intended to. This will be one of the most important responsibilities for an IT systems engineer as, without it, the work may grind to a halt.

Maintaining networks and surveys will also be pivotal to the security of the work being produced. A secure server and network will be harder to hack and therefore, prevent leaks of confidential data.

Installing and configuring software and hardware

The hardware and software of any computer are essentially its make-up. A computer will be unable to run successfully without it and so, the IT systems engineer must ensure all computers are working as they should be.

A job like this can be harder currently with many people working from home so, the IT support will likely be done over teams which can prove a challenge.

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Troubleshooting and repairs

Technology is not perfect and neither are the users of technology which is why IT systems engineers will be responsible for setting issues right. They will diagnose issues using network testers and find the route of the problem. From here, they can use their expertise to fix the problem.

Implementing system upgrades

The speed at which technology is growing means systems are constantly being challenged to improve and so, IT must utilize these advancements in order to make their businesses thrive and work at a better rate.

The IT systems engineer will constantly be on the lookout for new systems and then implement them in the way the company functions.

Train others how to use IT

Not everyone is a tech wiz, and it is the IT systems engineer’s job to understand that and be patient when teaching people how to use their systems. Take time to teach people how to use the systems correctly and you’ll have fewer problems down the line.

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