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The full name of WGU is Western Governors University. It’s an America based Higher Educational Institution that provides most of their degrees online. WGU is one of the popular non-profit(private) organization for online education. You can complete your bachelor’s and master’s degree over online at WGU. WGU was established at 1997 and from the begging, they were at the forefront of online education. The headquarter is situated in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States.


WGU Login Process

WGU requires a login process to get all resources of your Course over online. It’s a safe and authorized process where you can access your course using your device. WGU online account supports Computer device, Mobile & Tabs to get access. You can also use a mobile app named myWGU to get all kinds of option related to your course and WGU!

WGU Login on PC

Here we have included all necessary inform about-about WGU(Western Governors University) online account login at Personal Computer. We warn you not to use others computer device, to get your WGU course. It’s harmful toward your account. Gather all information about your online account before starting the process of WGU.


Step 1: First of all, you have to set the internet connection to browse WGU online account. If your internet connection has been installed, then open your web browser and then try to search for WGU online account login. Here is the link to WGU online account login page, https://sso.wgu.edu/WGULogin.

Step 2: Then you have to include the WGU online account Username at the very fist option of the page you see. At the next blank option, you should add the password of your WGU online account. After all, click on Sign in.

WGU Login


WGU Login on Mobile Device

If you are a mobile device, you can also get your WGU online course on your mobile device. It should be a smart phone/device. On your smartphone, you have to use an internet connection to get accessed. If you are using a tablet, you might have to use any Wi-Fi connection to browse WGU.

Step 1: If your internet connection is ready, go into any internet browser of your mobile device then search for WGU or you should directly enter here.

Step 2: After getting the login page, you should provide the Username of your WGU online account at the first option. Then you have to enter the right password that was used at your WGU online account. If everything in the correct place, click on Sign In.

WGU Login

WGU Login on Mobile App

Western Governors University has an official mobile app for their students. WGU app is only available on iOS and Android devices. WGU is free to download from the app store. It will help the student of WGU to manage their study and other elements also-also. This WGU is only available for active students, that means you have to wait until you turn to get started. In this mobile app, students can check their course progress with lots of detailed information. Students can contact with their course mentor using this mobile app. IF you are a student of WGU, you should use this App on your smartphone.

Step 1: WGU is available at Apple Store and Google Play. Other downloads will get rejected.

Download myWGU App from Google Play

Download myWGU App from Apple Store

Step 2: Then just open this App on your mobile device.(Make sure you have connected your internet)

Step 3: Then at the first option, you must enter the registered Username of your WGU online account. Then just put the correct form of your password and click on SIGN IN.

WGU Login

Note: If you turn on ‘keep me signed in’ option, this app will remember your account and you don’t have to use your WGU online account credentials again. You will get directly into your WGU online account without using account credentials.

WGU Forgot Password

Forgotten your WGU(Western Governors University) online account password, then here is the solution for yours.

Step 1: Go to the login page of WGU online account using your device(Personal Computer/Mobile Device) or myWGU App.

Step 2: If you have the login page of WGU, click on Forgot Password option.

WGU Login

Step 3: At this blank option, provide your WGU online account Username and click on the NEXT option.

WGU Login

You might have to verify your identity to change the password. Once you have verified your information to WGU, you will get directed into the password resetting option of WGU online account.

We hope that you will get a secure login at WGU using those login process. If you have forgotten your password, use the recovery option to get your WGU online account back. WGU is one of the trusted and well know institution for higher education. There are lots of successful and inspiring stories you can find. If you have any question about WGU, you can leave it in the comment section. If you liked the WGU(Western Governors University), then share it with others!


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