Wells Fargo Near Me

Wells Fargo Near Me


They have also achieved a big amount of customer that is around 70 million. Also, they have 8,700+ banking branches, more than 13,000 ATMs and 2,000 stand-alone mortgage branches that all over 50 states. So, as a customer or non-customer of Wells Fargo, you may need to locate Wells Fargo location near you. Here we will explain five easy ways to locate Wells Fargo Branches near you. You can also get directly to the Wells Fargo branch from your current place. It’s easy and safe.

Wells Fargo Bank & ATM Locator

Wells Fargo provides official locator tools. Using this tool, you can search for Wells Fargo branches that are near you. Here you will get detailed information of all branches that are near you. You can get full address, Phone number, Times and others information. If you want, you can also get directions to any Wells Fargo Branch near you. You can also make an appointment to your nearby Wells Fargo branch to meet any banker. To use it here we are using search bar! Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Open your any smart device and go to Wells Fargo official locator tool.

Step 2: At the search bar enter your current Address or landmark or ZIP Code or City with State name.(Ex. San Francisco, CA)

Step 3: Click on Search.

Note: use ‘Narrow Your Search‘ option to get categorized search result.

Wells Fargo Near Me using locator

Step 4: Now you can do those mentioned actions on Wells Fargo locator tool.

  • Click on Services and Information to get detail information of any particular Wells Fargo Branch.
  • Use Make Appointment button to meet any banker of Wells Fargo Branch.
  • Click Get directions option to get direction to Well Fargo Branch

Wells Fargo Near Me search result options

Wells Fargo Locator Map

At Wells Fargo official locator tool there is another option for searching Wells Fargo Brunch near you. You can also use a colorful map to find your Wells Fargo branch that is near you. It’s a little bit easy that first method.

Step 1: First, go into the Wells Fargo Locator map tool.

Step 2: Find your State on the Map. Then click on your state from the map.

Wells Fargo Near Me - map

Step 3: Select your City from the options. You can see the popular city or use alphabetical order to find your City. Once you find your city name, just click on it.

Wells Fargo Near Me - city list

After that, you will get location and detail information of Wells Fargo Branches that are located near you.

Wells Fargo Mortgage Branch Locator

If you are looking for Wells Fargo Mortgage Branches around you, this method will help you. Wells Fargo also provides an official locator tools finding Mortgage Branches. Here you will find a local consultant, to talk about Mortgage and loans options. However, use those steps to locate your nearby Wells Fargo Mortgage Branches.

Step 1: Open your smart device and visit the official Wells Fargo Mortgage Branch Locator tool webpage.

Step 2: Select one of those two options among City and State or Zip Code.( If you want to search using your City and State then select the first option. If you want to use Zip Code of your Area then select the second option)

Step 3: If you have selected ‘City and State ’ then,

  • Enter your Current Address in the first box or you can leave it blank.
  • Write the name of your city at the next option.
  • Now Select your State from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the range of your search area.(We recommend you to leave it default)

Step 4: After all, click on Search option.

Wells Fargo Near Me

If you selected ‘Zip Code’ then,

  • Enter Zip Code for your Current area.
  • A Select range of your search area.(We recommend you to leave it default)

Then click on Search.

Wells Fargo Near Me - find mortgage using zip code

Note: You can get directions to any Wells Fargo Branch location by clicking ‘view Printable Directions’ option.

Wells Fargo Near Me - mortgage locator directions option

Click on that circle sign to locate your current address.

Wells Fargo Near Me - mortgage locator locate me option

Wells Fargo Advisors Locator

You can also search for Wells Fargo Advisors location near you. Just use this method to get Address, Phone Number, directions and other information of your nearby Wells Fargo Advisors location.

Step 1: Open your web browser and go into the Wells Fargo Advisors Locator tool.

Step 2: Enter your Address at first option or you can also leave it blank. Then provide your City Name and Select your State. At the end collate ZIP Code of your location and put it on the last option.

Step 3: Click on Search.

Wells Fargo Near Me - Advisor locator

Note: Use ‘Refine Search’ section to get search result according to your needs.

Find Wells Fargo Bank Using Google Map

Google Map is one of the great tools to find Wells Fargo Branch location near you. You will also get detailed information of any Wells Fargo Branch. Use these steps to find Wells Fargo Branch near you.

Step 1: Open your web browser and then visit www.google.com.

Step 2: Write ‘Wells Fargo Near Me’ in the Search box. Then Press Enter.Wells Fargo Near Me - google search for location

Step 3: Click on Map.

Wells Fargo Near Me - google map option

If you still couldn’t make it, then just go here, to see the example.

Note: To get direction to any Wells Fargo Brunch, click on any Wells Fargo Brunch from the search list. Then Click on Direction option.Wells Fargo Near Me - google map direction option

You will also find other direction options like Bus, Train, Walk, Cycle, and Plane also.

Wells Fargo Near Me - google map directions options

Last Lines

So, that what you can do, if you want to find any Wells Fargo Brunch including Wells Fargo Bank, ATMs, Mortgage, Advisor near you. Those are the easiest and quick way to find nearest Wells Fargo location. We wish that you can find your nearest Wells Fargo location easily using those techniques.


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