How to Watch DirecTV on PC

In an era of 21st century, most of the cable tv providers like Xfinity, TMC, and others offer online streaming service. Like other cable tv service provider, DirecTV also provides you the option to watch DirecTV on PC. Now you can enjoy all live and on-demand shows on your computer device. Here’s how you can configure it. In this tutorial, we will teach you, how to watch DirecTV on PC easily.

DirecTV is one of the leading cable Tv service providers in the United States. It’s a subsidiary organization of ATT.


  •  You must have installed the latest version of Adobe Flash on your computer device. Adobe Flash is get used by your web browser to successfully play videos, animation, and other stuff smoothly. After downloading the Adobe Flash Player, you must turn on the Flash Player option on your web browser.
  • To get a better experience to watch DirecTV on PC, it’s officially recommended that you should use these web browser, Firefox, Internet Explorer(Edge), Chrome. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of your browser.

How to Watch DirecTV on PC

To watch DirecTV on PC you must fulfill all requirements that were set by DirecTV. After completing those requirements, finally, you can watch on your site to enjoy your favorite shows, Movies and other content from your Personal Computer. Just go through those steps.

Step 1: Go to the official DirecTV website using one of the recommended web browsers.

Step 2: Now log into your DirecTV account, by using Access ID and Password.

Step 3: Select Watch Online option on the website.

Step 4: Browse online programs and watch DirecTV on PC.

The Bottom Line

👉 You must have a good internet connection on your PC to watch shows without lagging.
👉 Make sure you have filled up all software and hardware requirements that were set by DirecTV.

So, now you can watch DirecTV on PC using an internet connection. There are lots of online contents to watch and explore. So, start your exploring and watch it all. You can also use your smart mobile devices like Android, iOS to watch DirecTV shows online.




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