Skype For Web: Use Skype on Any Web Browser


We know Skype is a telecommunication software that provides instant calling (voice + video), messaging, sharing any thing you want like exchanging files, photos, videos and you can also make group calls. It requires only internet connection and You can make call from any computer, tablet, or smartphone to other similar device without paying any cost. But if you wanna make call from your Skype app to mobiles or landlines, you need Skype credits that cost for web browser

However, Skype is a valuable app for communication with your friends, family members and others. To do so, you need to download and install Skype software on your system. But now Skype is available on web that means you can use Skype on any web browser. You can simply use Skype on your web browser without installing any software. So people like me who doesn’t like to install unnecessary software on their system, this feature will help them most.

What is Skype for Web?

This is the easiest way to use Skype. You need just a plugin to download for your browser without downloading Skype software. The new feature Skype for web is greatly helped me to use it on my browser. And this feature is available for all user around the world. So you can use it on you your web browser. And all the Skype’s features are available on Skype for Web.

Browser Requires to Use Skype for Web:

If you are a Windows user, you need latest versions of Chrome and Firefox or Internet Explorer 10 and above. Whereas Safari 6 and above is required for Mac OS user.

How to Use Skype on Any Web Browser

To use Skype on browser, you need to have a Skype account or Microsoft account. If you don’t have any, you can create Skype account or Microsoft account. But there has a easiest signing option which is Facebook account. Most of us have a Facebook account. So you can use Skype for web by signing with your Facebook account.

Now come to the point, how can we use Skype for web?

1. Open your web browser that must be in list of browser those mentioned in earlier.
2. Go to this link Skype for Web.
skype for web browser3. Now Sign in to your account using Skype or Microsoft account on the box or you can also use Facebook account to Sign in.

skype for browserA popup will show to set notifications for web Skype. You can choose any option by clicking on down arrow button.

skype for browser4. Now you need a Plugin to make audio video call. Just click on “Get the plugin” and download it then run the file. It will ask for allowing it to work properly. So you need to click on allow option.

5. Now use your Skype for Web to make voice and video calling or sending anything you want.

Final Words

Hope this article will help you to use properly Skype for Web on your browser. Happy Skype communication stay connected your friends and family members.
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