How To Use PayPal On Amazon To Pay For Your Purchase

How To Use PayPal On Amazon To Pay For Your Purchase


Amazon is one of the biggest online product sellers. It’s available across the globe. People buy their products through various payment method on Amazon. At today’s online industry, PayPal is the most popular online payment method. Many people ask, how to use PayPal on Amazon to pay for your purchase. But sadly, Amazon doesn’t support PayPal Payment directly. Here we will explain it why and also show you the available way.

Why Doesn’t Amazon Support PayPal?

Amazon is a well-established e-commerce site. And the PayPal is the most used online money transactions system. So, you might think Amazon & PayPal are the perfect matches. But it’s not in reality. Till now they aren’t associated with each other.

As a reason, we can say, PayPal was originally started severing their service at 2002 under eBay. The eBay is Amazon’s toughest competitor. Although, later in mid-2015 PayPal gets separated from eBay. But, still, PayPal has some association with them. Obviously, Amazon doesn’t want to promote their competitor eBay even indirectly.

Recently, Amazon has created new service called Amazon Pay. It’s one kind online payment service like PayPal. It also offers its service outside of Amazon’s website. Now it’s official that Amazon is competing with PayPal. So, why would Amazon add their competitor to them?

But, don’t get upset instantly. There are lots of ways to use PayPal on Amazon to pay for your purchase.

How to Use PayPal On Amazon to Pay for Your Purchase

Yes, you can use PayPal account to buy things on Amazon. It’s not the direct option but still works. Here we will show you all cool ways to use your PayPal account on Amazon.

PayPal Gift Cards

PayPal features virtual gift cards for popular and big retailers over online. They also provide gift cards for Amazon. You can buy those gift cards via PayPal and use it on Amazon. PayPal gift store has gift cards of $25, $50 and $100. You can easily use those gift cards to make a purchase on Amazon.

You can also get gift cards for Domino’s Pizza, iTunes, Best Buy, eBay, and others.

Purchasing Amazon gift cards on PayPal Digital Gift Store

Third-Party Gift Cards

There are so many third-party providers available on the internet. Unlike PayPal Gift card store, they provide a big range of Gift cards starting from $10. Here, you can buy Amazon gift card with PayPal. Then use it to purchase anything from Amazon. The top third-party Gift card provider is Gyft, eGifter, GiftNix.

First view of gyft - the online gift card store

PayPal Debit Cards

The PayPal Debit Cards works like any other Debit Cards. It gets approved by Mastercard. So, it should be work in all places where Mastercard is allowed. As like Amazon online shop. You can shop at Amazon using your PayPal Debit Card. It will use your PayPal account to purchase.

Front view of Paypal debit card


PayPal Debit Cards is not the recommended one. Cause we come to know that PayPal Debit Cards is not available in all region of the world. However, PayPal would be the awesome match to purchase products on Amazon. But, still, now you have to rely on alternative methods. Do, you have any other ways to shop at Amazon using PayPal?


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