How to Use Corsair Link

How to Use Corsair Link


Basically, Corsair Link is a software utility that lets you control your computer’s fan, coolers, LED and others. It mostly works with Corsair products (Link Kit). But, you can also use this on your computer to get better control and manage all your extra peripherals. However, Here I will explain all about how to use Corsair Link on your device.

What is Corsair Link?

It’s a software that is made by Corsair company. This intelligent utility provides you control and managing options of your computer’s fan, Liquid CPU Cooler, LED and others easily. The Corsair Link was made to works with Corsair Link toolkit. But, as I said you can also use this software to control your device’s components.

What kind of facelifts will you get with Corsair Link? Here’s we have listed some of them.

  • You can control CPU coolers.
  • Monitor real-time temperature of your components.
  • Get all managing option on one screen.
  • Set automatic actions on your components.
  • Manage CPU Fans with speed control, mode, temperature scenes.

How to Install Corsair Link?

The Corsair Link is a free software from Corsair. You can download it from their official website. Firstly, Select the Corsair Link option from the Drop-down menu.

Select the Corsair Link category from the drop-down menu

Now all available version of Corsair Link will appear on your screen. Download the latest on your computer device.

Download the latest version of Corsair Link software from the official website

Remember, You may also install Corsair Link Kit(Corsair Commander, Corsair Fan controller & thermal station, Light Kit) to get more control over your PC’s component.

How to Use Corsair Link

If your software or hardware installation has done, you can start using the Corsair Link software. Here you will all detailed & easy options to manage your hardware components. You can monitor the temperatures, speed of your CPU coolers or Fans.

Also, you can set automated actions based upon current temperature. Also, you can get more in-depth controlling options to your LEDs. However, here’s the manual to use Corsair Link.

Home Screen

After Opening the Corsair Link you will get the Home screen. At the home screen of Corsair Link, you will get all information of your PC components with a unique user interface. Here you can get separate information about your all available components, like Motherboard, processor, SDD, Fans or others.

On the Home tab of Corsair Link you will get short insight of all available components and their status

You can click on any temperate field get more detailed info. At the new window, you will get a simple temperature graph of that component. You can set automatic actions at Notification tab according to temperature.

See the simple temperature graph at Configure section and get automated options on Notification tab

Configure Tab

At Configure tab you will get tiles of your available PC components. Every tile represents a component with its temperature or Speed. You can drag and drop those tiles at the provided Case image.

Drag and drop the component tiles on the case image

By default, it’s should be an image of a Corsair Case model. But, you can also change the Case image into yours one. See how you can do it.

  • Right-Click on the image.
  • Click on “Chose Case Image”.

Click on the appeared option on the screen to chose case image

  • A Bunch of Corsair Case will appear. If you can’t find your one, then click on ‘Browse from file’ to add a custom image.

If you need to add custom case image then click on browse button and select your case image

Profile tab

In Corsair Link, you can create and manage profiles with custom settings. But, in general, there are three default profiles are given here. Those are Performance, Balanced, Quiet.

Performance: Your PC and its component will run with a setting to get maximal performance.

Balanced: All of your PC components will run to balance the resources as much as possible.

Quite: Your computer will make sure to run with minimum settings and stay quiet.

You can chose one of the deault profiles as you needed


You can also add new customized profiles on Corsair Link. So, you can get your special profiles when you need it.

  • Go to Profile > Manage Profiles.
  • Click on New Profiles and Give it a name.

Firstly click on New Profile button and create a new profile with a new name

That’s it! All of your current customizations will get saved in the newly created profile.

Options tab

Here you will get Options tab on Corsair Link. At the drop-down menu, you will get the Settings option of Corsair Link. At Devices section, you can manage settings of all extra devices like Fan, cooler, LED, Thermal sensor and others.

At options tab you will get advanced options like settings, devices and about

At Settings, you can manage all internal option of Corsair Link. As you can set Text Color, size, Screen color and all the internal stuff. Here you can also get current file directory of the program.

At the settings you can customize many options according to your needs

Graphing tab

Click on the Graphing tab and you will get a bunch of grapes at the right side of Corsair Link window. Those graphs simply indicate current temperature of your PC components. Configure all of the components with logging options at Configure section.

Get the temperature graph of your PC components and configure them manually

Is It Necessary to Use Corsair Link?

No, it’s not mandatory in case of managing your Fan, CPU Coolers, LEDs of the computer. You can also manage your PC components easily at your own skill. But, the Corsair Link provides some automated options and monitoring. Most of the time it’s comes with Corsair products as a free tool.


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