How to Unblock Someone on POF (Plenty of Fish)

In this post, we will discuss how to Unblock someone that you blocked before on POF. Among dating sites, POF(Plenty Of Fish) is one of the highly rated dating web site. This site is mainly used by single men and women to find their love. Here people can massage with each other and get closer. POF has many success stories to tell you.


It can also get reversed in your case. You might get an offensive message from other POF user. Then you can use the block feature at POF. This lets you block the massage feature for that particular POF user. After blocking any POF user, they can’t message you and contact you. However, they can still visit your profile but they are unable to do anything or say anything to you.

But your decision may get changed after passing the time. You may consider or forgive any POF user that you have blocked. They might have stated sorry for their misbehaving. You might want to say something to the blocked User immediately. Or you can block your loved one by mistake. If you want to unblock someone in POF, then it can be possible. It’s easy as blocking anyone at POF.

Don’t worry. If you unblock someone, and they still send you offending messages you can also block that POF user again. It’s not a big matter.

Unblock Someone on POF Using Computer

If you have a computer device to browse your POF online account, use this process on your computer device. Make sure that your internet connection is working properly.

Step 1: Firstly, open your web browser and log into your POF online account.

Step 2: Go to the inbox of your POF account.


Step 3: Click on the conversation(chat history) of that person or go to any conversation.

Step 4: After getting into any chat history of your POF account, scroll down to the message composition box. Near message composition box, you will get an option named ‘User I Blocked’. Click on it.

Step 5: Now you will get a list of users that you have blocked. Click on the ‘Unblock User’ option that is located beside the profile of the person that you want to unblock.

How to Unblock Someone on POF (Plenty of Fish) user i blocked

Now, your selected profile will get unblocked from your POF account. Now he/she will be able to send you messages again.

Unblock Someone on POF Using Mobile Phone

The Unblocking process also works fine on any mobile browser. It’s almost same as it is in Computer. However, we are also explaining the unblocking process for mobile browser here in short.

Step 1: Connect the internet, open your web browser. Then log into your POF online account.

Step 2: Go through any chat history of your POF account.

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom and click on ‘User I Blocked’.

Step 4: Find the profile of the person you want to unblock and click on the ‘Unblock user’ option beside it.

That’s all. Now your selected profile will be unblocked immediately.

Unblock Someone on POF Using Mobile App

Unfortunately, POF doesn’t provide the unblock option to the official mobile application. Although you can block any POF user at mobile application. But you unblock to unblock someone in POF mobile application.

Manage an internet connected computer device or mobile device and follow the unblocking process.

Things to remember,
👉Unblocked POF user can send you messages.
👉You can also block that particular POF user anytime if he/she does the same thing again.

The Bottom Line

So, that’s what you can do when it comes to unblocking someone at POF. We hope that the unblocked person will solve his mistake and the friendship will go on. If he/she does something wrong, you can block him/her again.

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What was the reason to unblock any blocked user? Have you done?

If you are a mobile app user, I have to sorry to you. If you have any complaints about POF or their service you can also submit here.


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