Twitter Login – How to Guide

Twitter Login – How to Guide


Twitter is one of the famous social networks in the world. In twitter user can post different types of content and share with their follower. Twitter is also known for microblogging. It’s a great microblogging platform for all users. Twitter users can also interact with other users through messages. You have to use limited words(140) at messages on Twitter. To use their free service, you have to follow the Twitter login process on your device.

In twitter, users can follow any public profile. Twitter is also used for following many superstars and celebrities.

Twitter Login Process

Twitter can be usable on their website and Mobile App. You can also use Twitter using SMS if you have logged in at twitter. Only logged in users can use all features of Twitter. It can be usable on any device with an internet connection. If you want to get logged in on Twitter and willing to enjoy Twitter on your own device, then you have to follow the login process on Twitter. In this post, we will explain you all process of Twitter login.

Twitter Login on PC

If any personal computer user wants to log in to Twitter, they should follow these steps to get logged in,

Step 1: Connect your personal computer to the internet and open your web browser. Then search for Twitter or go over the Twitter website.

Step 2: Now a web page will appear on your computer screen with all options of twitter. From this web page click on Log in.

Click on the twitter login option that is located at the top right side of the screen

Step 3: Then you will get a couple of options for Twitter account log in. Just give your Phone number or Username or your Email address that was linked to your account. After that, just put the right password at the next option of this box and click Log in.

Twitter Login

That will be enough for now. If you have followed those steps correctly, you will be redirected to your twitter account. twitter is an interesting place for users. So, start discovering and sharing new things on Twitter from your Pc.

Twitter Login on Mobile Device

In a recent survey, it comes out that, twitter is so popular in Mobile then another platform. You can enjoy Twitting on your Mobile device if you have the internet connected mobile device. It’s very easy to access your account through a mobile device. So, if you have logged in to the mobile device with your twitter account, you will be able to use twitter account from anywhere, on the go.

If you want to get logged in on Twitter using your mobile device, you have to follow this procedure,

Step 1: Create a strong and working net connection to your mobile device. Then just go into your intent browser and search for twitter or visit this website.

Step 2: At this moment you will get the login page of Twitter, included with some options. Now you have to do,

  • Write your Mobile number or Username(for twitter) or you can use your Email address that was added before to your twitter account.
  • Enter the correct password for your Twitter account

At the end click on log in!

Twitter Login

Twitter Login on App

You can also use Twitter on Mobile device using the Twitter Mobile App. This App became one of the most popular Apps in every App store including Android, Apple, and Windows App store. In Google Play more than 8,983,159 people used this Social networking App. This App has some extra features that will surely amaze you. This Twitter Mobile App will make you update with latest news and entertainment, sports and politics, too big events and everything you interested at.

All mentionable Twitter mobile app features

If you want to use Twitter App on your Mobile device, just follow these simple steps one by one,

Step 1: At first you have to download this Twitter App from your own App Store.

Download Twitter App from Google Play

Download Twitter App from Apple Store

Download Twitter App from Windows Store

Step 2: Now install this app, and open it. At first, you will see a welcome screen of this App. Click on log in.

Twitter Login

Step 3: Now A login page will appear on the screen and there are some options to fill up. At the first option include your Phone number, Username or Email address. After that write the correct password for your twitter account.If you have done everything right click on Log in.

Twitter Login

Twitter Forgot Password

As a Humen, sometimes you could lose or forget anything. Just like the password of your twitter account. In case you forget the recent password of your twitter account follow these steps to set a new password and recover your twitter account,

Step 1: At first, you have to get the login page(options) on Twitter. Click here to get the login page of Twitter.

Step 2: After getting the login page of Twitter, click on Forgot password?.

Twitter Login

Step 3: Now you will get a search bar, you have to search your twitter account. Enter your Mobile number or Username or Email address to identify your account.

Twitter Login

After selecting your account, Twitter will send you a link to your Email address or Mobile number. Just follow the link and you will get all option related to resetting the password.

Twitter Login

So, That’s it for Twitter from us. We have explained all log in the process of Twitter account and recovery method. If you have seen anything wrong with those process, comment here and let us know.


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