Twitter Search People | Advanced Twitter Search 2018 Edition

Twitter Search People | Advanced Twitter Search 2018 Edition


Around 400 million people use Twitter every month. Finding people on Twitter is a very tough task. If you know very little about that person you looking for. Because so many people have the similar name, even in a particular place there are so many Twitter users having a similar name. So I told you some methods about advanced Twitter search engine to search people on twitter easily.

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Advanced Twitter Search Engine for Business

On the other hand, Twitter is a very fast growing business place. For a twitter based business, it is must to have an advanced knowledge about Twitter Advanced Search engine. For a business, you must need to know about exact keywords those are being looked by your customers. To find out your customers or exact keywords, Twitter advanced search tools is the perfect one to get the greater engagement of your audiences. You can refine your search results using this tools. Beside this, you can also use this tools to find exact persons, places, specific dates or anything you want. It’s really a powerful tool to find exactly what you are looking for on Twitter.

How to Use Advanced Twitter Search

So, How to Use Twitter Advanced Search to find people? You don’t need to go anywhere for finding people on Twitter. It’s available on your twitter site itself. Twitter default search engine has a lot of advanced options to search people. Let’s find it where it is and how it works.

1. Use your twitter search bar to find Twitter Advanced Search tool. Enter anything into twitter search bar and hit the enter button.
Twitter Search

2. Find the More options at top of your search results and click on it. Now find the Advanced search from drop down options and click on it.

Twitter Search

It will take you to the advanced search page. Twitter Advanced Search tool provides you 5 broad options (Words, People, Places, Dates and Other) those are necessary for refining your search results. Let me explain every individual option and how to use them in combination to refine your search results.

Refine Twitter Search Results

To refine your search results, at first you need to know how they work. Now see how to use them for finding exact thing what you’re looking for.

Search Tweets by Specific Account

This option is actually get used for searing tweets of specific account or tweets reply to that account or someone mentioned the account in his/her tweets.

Twitter Advanced Search

The first box is used to find the tweets from any specific account. Here I use @bNewTech that specify the tweets by bNewTech twitter account. To this account, the box is used to find the replies sent to a specific account. Mentioning these accounts box is used to search the tweets in which specific account is mentioned by someone in his/her tweets.

Search for Exact Tweets

Twitter Search

Specify your keywords by using different options under Words to find exact tweets. You know specific tweets is very important to engage people easily. In the first box enter all the words you want to search (e.g. Advanced and Search). Use Quotation Marks to specify your search words. This exact phrase box is used for finding the exact phrase (e.g. advanced search). Any of these words box is used for finding any of the desired words. Here you need to use or between the words (e.g. Advanced or Search). None of these words boxes is used to exclude any words from your search results (Advanced but not Search). These hashtags box is another powerful option in twitter to find exact tweets with a hashtag (e.g. #AdvancedSearch).

Search People or Tweets from Specific Places

This option is used to search any tweets from specific place country, city or area. This is very important in local business.

Twitter Search

Turn on your local and add a location on drop down box. So it will show the search results from the specific place.

Search Tweets by Dates

If you wanna see tweets from a specific time, then mention the date on From this date box by using a drop-down calendar. You can search tweets before a specific date, after a specific date or within a date range.

Other Twitter Search Option

In this option, you can specify these (Positive :), Negative :(, Question ?, Include re-tweets) by using tick mark.

After filling necessary fields, click on the Search button at the bottom of Twitter Advanced Search page. All these will optimize your search results and give an exact result that you’re looking for.

Final Words

It’s really a powerful tool to find anything you want on twitter. By using a combination of these fields, you can greatly optimize your twitter search results.

Hope this article will help you to find your desired search results on Twitter. Do share with your friends to help them also.


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