How to Transfer Money from Wells Fargo to Another Bank

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2018)

As a United States citizen, you may have a bank account at another Banking organizations or credit union. Or you may have to send funds to other organizations’ bank account. Sometimes it becomes necessary. That’s why you have to choose to transfer funds from your Wells Fargo Bank account to another Bank account. Legally it’s authorized and it’s an authorized process.

Can I Transfer Money From my Wells Fargo account to another Bank account?

Yes, of course, you can. Wells Fargo also allows transactions between other U. S. Bank accounts. You can transfer funds from your Wells Fargo Savings, Checking accounts. It is easy and secured to transfer your money between your Wells Fargo Bank and other Bank. Wells Fargo offers a bank-to-bank money transfer feature that is trusted and controlled way that gives you full control at transferring funds to other Banking accounts. It’s one kind of special feature of Wells Fargo Banking account.

How long does it take to transfer money from Wells Fargo to another bank?

Firstly, you have to set up and verify your non-Wells Fargo account. To verify your ownership of non-Wells Fargo account, it may take the time to about two days. After verifying you can use Bank-to-Bank feature to transfer your money/funds between your Wells Fargo and non-Wells Fargo Bank account. And it can take up to 2 business days to complete the transfer process for sending fund from Wells Fargo to non-Wells Fargo account. And you have to wait for up to 3 business days to receive money to another Wells Fargo account.

How to Transfer Money from Wells Fargo to Another Bank?

There are several ways to transfer your money to Wells Fargo Bank account. Those are the methods to transfer funds from Wells Fargo Bank account to another bank account. (Bank-to-Bank)

  1. Using Wells Fargo Online Banking Account.
  2. Using Your Mobile Phone
  3. Using ATM both.

The full process of transferring funds using that method are added here.

Transfer Money from Wells Fargo to Another Bank via Online Account

The first method is using the online banking account of Wells Fargo Bank. If you have a Wells Fargo online account, then you can follow this process.

Step 1: Firstly, connect your smart device(Computer, Mobile Device) with interest. Then log into your Wells Fargo online banking account using Wells Fargo Login process.

Step 2: Once you have logged in, you should click on Money Transfer & Pay section.

Step 3: Then you have to click on the Transfer Money option.

Step 4: Now you have to add a non-Wells Fargo account to your Wells Fargo Account. To adding a non-Wells Fargo account you need,

  • Account Number of you non-Wells Fargo account.
  • Routing Number that is non-Wells Fargo account.

Step 5: After adding a non-Wells Fargo bank account, you select account-to-account money transfer option. Then select your transfer frequency and delivery time.

Step 6: Press Continue button. After that, you will get another page, click on Confirm.

That’s what you have to do if you want to transfer your money from your Wells Fargo Bank account to a non-Wells Fargo bank account.

Transfer Money from Wells Fargo to Another Bank Using Your Mobile Phone

You can also complete the transfer process using your mobile phone. You can also send your money to Wells Fargo account another Banking account using your mobile phone.

You can Call here to transfer your funds to another Banking(non-Wells Fargo) account.

NamePhone NumberAvailability
Wells Fargo – General Banking 1-800-869-3557 24 Hour

To get All Customer Number of Wells Fargo you can go here: Wells Fargo customer service

Transfer Money from Wells Fargo to Another Bank Using ATM

You can also use any ATM’s or Wells Fargo Branches near you. First, locally any nearby Wells Fargo Branches or ATM and complete your transaction process.

To locate your Nearby Wells Fargo Branches, you can use those methods: Wells Fargo near me

So, that what’s how you can transfer your money from your Wells Fargo Bank account to other organization Bank account.

If you need any further help about transferring funds at Wells Fargo, you can comment here. We will help you. You can also comment any kind of review about Wells Fargo fund transfer. Discussion is also allowed in the comment section.

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