How to Text to T-Mobile From a Computer

How to Text to T-Mobile From a Computer


Sometimes we have to text each other necessarily. But, if you don’t have enough credit left on your phone you might not able to contact another person. So, in such situations, we have used other devices to send Text messages(SMS). Fortunately, you can send a text message from your computer to any T-Mobile user easily some easy online tools. Here we are going to implement the process on how to text to T-Mobile from a computer.

How to Text to T-Mobile From a Computer

There are so many ways available to send Text messages(SMS) to other T-Mobile user using your computer. Yes, it’s possible but, your computer must have an online connection to work those tools. It’s very useful to send text messaged to any T-Mobile number user through your computer. Let’s browse those tools one by one.

My T-Mobile Text Message Tool

It’s an official option to send a message to any T-Mobile users over online. It’s a function of T-Mobile online account called My T-Mobile. However, it’s free to use but reviewer might get charged for standard SMS cost.

Step 1: Firstly, log into your My T-Mobile account.

Note: If you don’t have an account then create an account free.

Log into your T mobile account

Step 2: After logging in, click on ‘Email and text tools’ option. It’s located under Mobile Life section.

Step 3: Then Chose Send a Text Message option.

Step 4: Type your number in the Form field and your recipient number at the To filed.

Step 5: Now type your message and then click Send option. That’s it.

Your message should be in between 129 characters.

Emails Service

You can easily send a text message (SMS) to any T-Mobile users’ phone using available online Email services like Gmail, Outlook or others. It’s completely free and secure. Even the reply would get transmitted into your email. Just follow the provided instruction.

Step 1: At first, login to your online email service.

Step 2: Now start composing a new email.

Step 3: At the To field, type the phone number where you want to send SMS.

Firstly type the recipient number at the to box

Step 4: Type after the phone number. Ex. [email protected].

Step 5: Compose the message under 160 characters.

Step 6: Click Send button!

Click the send button to send the text message to t mobile for free

Don’t forget to add ‘1’ as U.S country code in front of the phone number.

T-Mobile Digits

The T-Mobile Digits is a new online service from this giant mobile operating. In Digits you can easily send and receive Call & SMS using your T-Mobile number. Although it’s not free, it’s a way better option to handle your mobile from your computer.

Step 1: At first, login to theDigits online website using your My T-Mobile account credentials.

Step 2: Click on New Message option at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Type the recipient number of the Add recipients filed.

Step 4: Add your T-Mobile phone number at From section.

Step 5: Finally, type your text message and click on Send button.

Use T Mobile Digits to manage Calls and SMS from other smart devices

Third Party Apps

As I won’t recommend you third-party websites but use it as a last try. There are so many websites are available to send SMS to any phone number for free. Those are SendSMSNow, AFreeSMS, and others. However, you should be aware of sapping as those may take spammy action anytime.

Here is an instruction to send a free SMS on SendSMSNow website.

Step 1: Select your Country(United States). Then type the number of recipients

select the country and type the recipient t mobile phone number

Step 2: Type your number at next box.

Here you have to type your phone number

Step 3: Write the full message & press the ‘send SMS’ button.

Send messages on T mobile using online messaging websites

Last Lines

So, that’s all the available ways to text to T-Mobile from a computer. However, the T-Mobile user you want to send must have the text-compatible mobile device. Otherwise, he or she won’t be able to get the message even if you send it from your computer. Also, if you have any further inquiry about this topic, knock me at the comment.


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