How to Stop DDoS Attacks on Netgear Router

How to Stop DDoS Attacks on Netgear Router


In DDos attack, your internet connection got disrupted with numerous amount of web traffic. Whatever security steps you take, your internet connection/router can get affected with DDos. Even your Netgear router also can fall in DDos attacks. So, if you ever fall into this type of situation, you can stop it with some easy steps. Here we will explain available ways on How to Stop DDoS Attacks on Netgear Router.

What is DDos Attacks?

The DDos attack stands for Denial-of-service(DDos) attack. It’s a type of cyber-attack. Here victim’s ip address gets a maximum amount of web traffics from different locations. It makes the internet connection unusable for users.

In most of the times, the targeted router gets interrupted with overloading fake web traffics. It can also happen to your Netgear routers. You should take steps against DDos attack.

How to Stop DDoS Attacks on Netgear Router

When you get attacked with DDos, your network gets float away with an insane amount of web request. That’s why you become unable to use your internet. Your Netgear router can also get attacked with DDos. Typically, if you are using Netgear Router you can use this process. You need to turn on the ‘Port Scan and DoS Protection’ function.

Step 1: First of all, open a web browser and write this URL, at the address bar. Press Enter.

Step 2: Type the username and password on the appeared page. Click on Ok.

Note: By default, the username is admin and the password is password. For more detail, see back side of your Netgear router.

Step 3: Once you are into the control panel of Netgear, go to Advanced settings.

Step 4: Chose the WAN option.

Step 5: Go to WAN Setup that is located at Setup menu.

Step 6: Un-check the Disable Port Scan and DoS Protection option if it’s checked.

Turn off the Disable Port Scan and DoS Protection option Netgear router

Yes! You have turned on the built-in DoS protection system of your Netgear router. It will prevent the DDos attack by its protection mechanism. Also, your router gets enhanced security for Port Scan attack. However, you might take some further steps to defend a continuing DDos attack.

Additional Steps to Stop DDoS Attacks

There are some additional fixes that you can follow to stop DDos attacks on Netgear Router. It may not protect you from DDos Attack fully but can help you to overcome those kinds of situation. Here are optional steps to follow during DDos attack.

Turn of Logging

In DDos attack, your network gets access request from various locations and ip address. So, your router might get out of resources when it tries to log all of them. So, you can turn off the logging system of your Netgear Router to decrease the effect of DDos attack on your router/network.

Terminate Attacker IP address

Generally, DDos attacker sends fake web traffic from the various location at one time. But, if you see fewer ip addressed computers as DDos attacker, you can terminate those ip address on your router/network firewall.

You can also Block the specific attacker’s location if you see all attack comes from a certain geographical area.

Ask for IP change

If you are falling in DDos attack on a regular basis, you can ask your ISP(Internet Service Provider) to change the ip address. However, it’s not recommended, as it may cause several addental problems. However, it’s better to solve the problem with your ISP, you might get a permanent solution.


Therefore, DDos attack is not mean that your router/network is hacked. Don’t panic so much. It just disables the network path for you, so you can’t get access to the internet for a specific time. If you still couldn’t stop the DDos attack, the last way is to wait. Just wait until the DDos attackers stop their traffic requesting.


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