How to Setup a Dolphin Emulator Memory Card

How to Setup a Dolphin Emulator Memory Card


Dolphin is the only emulator available that lets you play all Nintendo GameCube and Wii games on your Computer. Generally, we use Memory Card to save game data on Nintendo. But, there’s no way to use Nintendo Memory card on our computers. So, here we will teach you, How to Setup Dolphin Emulator Memory card.

You can run Dolphin Emulator on any Windows or MAC OS computer with proper settings. As like, we have to create a virtual Memory card on our computer. Where we will save our game data easily.

How to Setup a Dolphin Emulator Memory Card

Whatever computer system are you use it’s quite same for all. You just have to create a virtual memory card for Dolphin Emulator. Before selecting Memory folder, make sure you have installed the latest Dolphin Emulator on your computer. So, here’s how you can set an Memory Card folder.

Step 1: Open the Dolphin Emulator on your computer. If you can’t find the shortcut on the desktop, click on Start icon.

Step 2: Search for Dolphin Emulator.exe. Then open it from the search result.

Now select the Dolphin emulator and run it as administrator

Step 3: After opening, click on Tool menu.

Click on the Tool option of Dolphin Emulator

Step 4: Click the Memcard Manager (GC) option.

Click the Memcard Manager (GC) option on Dolphin Emulator

Step 5: At Memory Card A, press Browse button.

Click on the browse button to select new virtual memory card

Step 6: Now Select a file to set as Dolphin Emulator Memory Card.

Now select a new folder to use as a memory card of your Dolphin Emulator

Yes, you have just created new memory card for your Dolphin Emulator. Now, all of your game data will get saved in your selected folder. In this way, you can also set other files as a memory card.

Having Issue?

That’s how you can create a new Memory card folder for Dolphin Emulator. But if you are still facing problems in saving games, you should try others solutions also. As you can delete the selected memory card file. In general, Dolphin Emulator automatically creates space as Memory Card automatically. Deleting the folder forces Dolphin Emulator to create a new one.

Also, make sure that you have given the Dolphin Emulator correct access. Run the Delphine Emulator as Administrator to avoid further problems.


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