How to Search Username on POF (Plenty of Fish)

POF(Plenty Of Fish) is a popular destination for single men and women to search someone to date. The only way to search people on POF is Username search feature. But recently POF has removed the Username search option for the non-paid user and now it’s only available to paid users. If you want to know how to search username on POF? Here we will revile the latest and free methods to use POF username search hacks.

Generally, Username Search is a premium tool on POF. Using Username Search option, you can find any POF user account.

How to Search Username on POF

So, using those listed methods, you can easily search and view any POF user account. Along with that, you can also get full information of any particular POF account. If anyone has opened multiple accounts, you can also find their other POF accounts also. Here we will explain every detail of those methods. So, stick with us.

POF Username Search Web Tool

For search username on POF, you can use this Username Search web tool completely free. At the primary stage, it was available as software. But now it is available on the internet and you can use you any internet connected the smart device to use this tool.

Step 1: Open your browser and go to POF Username Search web tool page.

Step 2: Enter the username of a POF account at the blank box. Then click on Search POF for Username button beside it.

How to Search Username on POF (Plenty of Fish) Username Search web tool search box

Step 3: Click on the link that is located under any profile on the result to get the full information of POF account.

How to Search Username on POF (Plenty of Fish) UsernameSearch Web tool

This search tool is case sensitive. So, write the Username of POF account in the correct case. (Ex. If the username if ‘Sweety’ and you type ‘sweety’ then, you won’t find the POF profile.

POF Search Tool

Here is another free search tool for you. It is a web tool and you can use it on any internet connected device. It also called a search engine to search username on POF. Using this tool, you can also find images of any POF user according to the Username.

Step 1: Set up the internet connection. Then open your web browser and Go to POF Search Tool official website.

Step 2: Now type the Username of a POF account in the search box. Then Click on the search icon.

How to Search Username on POF (Plenty of Fish) searchbox

Step 3: Click on search results to view full information of any POF account.

How to Search Username on POF (Plenty of Fish) search reslut

Note: After getting the search result, click on the Image tab to get images of POF account with the same Username.How to Search Username on POF (Plenty of Fish) image reslut

Google Search

Google is one of the most used Search engines. You can search almost anything using Google. Why not you use it to search username on POF? But you need to know the technique to find any POF account. Here is it.

Step 1: Open your most trusted web browser and go to

Step 2: Now in the Search box, copy and paste ‘Site:’. Then replace the ‘USERNAME’ with the Username of any POF account. (Ex. Site:

Step 3: Click the Search icon or press Enter.

How to Search Username on POF (Plenty of Fish) google search

If anyone opens an account on other dating sites using the same username/nickname, you will also find the link to that profile on the Google search result.

Search Username Without Account

Here we will use the official POF website to search Username on POF. Well, you might be thinking that, if you use the official POF website then they will restrict you from using Username Search option if you are a non-paid member. Don’t worry; here we will use the Username Search option of POF without logging in. Here is the full process. You can find a review of this process in this Reddit post.

Step 1: Open your web browser and go to official POF basic search page.

Step 2: Type the username of any POF user in the search box and click on the Find user button.

How to Search Username on POF (Plenty of Fish) pof search box on the web site

Here you will also find POF basic search and advanced search option.

POF Username Search: FAQ

How to search for a user on POF?

If you know his/her username, then you can easily find the person by this method. But if you don’t know the username, you can use Plenty of fish search option after registering on POF. Or you can read our guideline about how to search for plenty of fish without registering here.

How to search for someone on POF by username?

To find someone on Pby username, follow any guideline mentioned above in this article.

The Bottom Line

How to Search Username on POF (Plenty of Fish)

Search Username on POF (Plenty of Fish) completely Free

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commentSo, those are the best and free methods to search username on POF. If it helps you, to find POF accounts easily. Even if you want to find a hidden profile, it’s will also get them. Although, those are the free tools but worth using. Also, POF always shows you the messages and notification from any POF account. But they don’t give the search option for the non-paid user. Now you can search them and check if they were real or not.

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