How to Save a Google Doc to a Flash Drive

How to Save a Google Doc to a Flash Drive


The Google Doc is one of the most used online cloud storage services for saving documents files. It’s also a part of Google Drive service. On Google Doc, you can easily upload and download Documents from Google Doc using your browser. Converting files into another format is also easy. But, if you need to save the Google Doc to a Flash Drive, then follow the provided guideline one by one.

Why Flash Drive

It lets you store all of your data at the once small stick which is called Flash Drive. Also, USB Flash Drives are highly portable and you can save your data use it later. So, that’s why many of us use Flash Drives to save or carry our data.

How to Save a Google Doc to a Flash Drive

The Flash drive is the best choice to transfer file offline. Here you don’t have to rely on an online connection to use the Google Doc. You can just plug the Flash drive on any computer and start using directly. However, here we will implement the full process on how to save a Google Doc file to a flash drive.

Step 1: Download the Doc file

The first task is to be completed is downloading the Google Doc file.

Step 1: Open your web browser and log into Google Doc.

Sign into your Google Account to get access into Google Doc

Step 2: Now click on the Google Doc file that you want to download.

Now select the Google Doc file that you wants to transfer into Flash Drive

Step 3: Go to File > Download As.

Click on the File menu to get more options

Step 4: Click on Microsoft Word(docx) or another format that you want to download as.

Select the Microsoft Word format to download or you can also chose others format also

After that, your selected file will get downloaded in very few seconds.

Step 2: Transfer it to the Flash Drive

Once you have downloaded the folder, you need to transfer it to your Flash drive. See the full implementation here.

Step 1: Connect your Flash Drive to your computer.

Step 2: Open File Explorer by pressing Win + E button.

Step 3: Now go into the folder you have downloaded the Google Doc file.

By-default the downloaded item get stacked in Download folder

Note: By default, it will get downloaded at ‘Download’ folder in Windows computers.

Step 4: Right-Click on the downloaded Google Doc file and select Cut option.

Select the cut option from the menu to move the item

Note: If you want to have a copy of the file, then select the Copy option.

Step 5: Now Go into the USB flash drive that you have connected to your computer.

Go into the connected USB Flash drive from your computer

Step 6: Once you have entered to the Flash drive, right-click on the empty space.

Step 7: Select the Paste option from the appeared menu to move the Gooogle Doc file.

Chose the Paste option and your selected Google Doc file will get transferred

That’s it, your selected Google Doc file will get transferred to the connected Flash drive. You can also apply this process to multiple Google Doc files. Just select all of them and move it to your flash drive. Once you finish transferring all Google Docs, disconnect the flash drive.


As Flash drive is a safe way to carry data, but it’s better to place it in Google Drive/Doc. Then you can use any computer to browse or download the Google Doc file. If needed you can also download it according to your required format. However, you can also send the Google Doc to another person by email.

There are so many alternatives, but if you feel secure with Flash Drive, then move it to your flash drive. But, make sure that your Flash drive has enough security to protect your data.


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