How to Root Nokia 6 (2018)

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Nokia 6 is one of the latest Android phones by Nokia. It’s a device that runs Android 7.1 and 5.5 inches and 16 MP camera. But you might want to customize your Nokia 6. To customize your Android set, you must root it. Wants to know how to Root Nokia 6(2018)? Here’s we will explain all the possibility.

When you root a device, you can break all built-in restrictions. You can use custom stock ROMs, Change screen, use rooted apps, make your Android faster and others. There are numerous numbers of benefits of root. But you should also be careful towards the rooting process. Any error can result could turn into an unpleasant moment.

How to Root Nokia 6 in Easy Way

Here we will show you the easy process fist. Firstly, we would recommend you to use apps like KingRoot, KingoRoot, iROOT and others. If those aren’t successful, follow this method on your Nokia 6. Before starting, Charge your phone 80% and more. Take a backup of your data. Turn on USB debugging under Developer option on Nokia 6.

Step 1: Download the required latest version of Minimal ADB & Fastboot tool & TWRP Recovery file.

Step 2: Connect your phone to the computer.

Step 3: Now write ‘adb reboot bootloader’ command to boot Nokia 6 into Fastboot mode.

Step 4: Then type ‘fastboot oem unlock’ and press Enter.

Step 5: Transfer the .img file(downloaded before) into ADB/Fastboot folder.

Step 6: Now type ‘fastboot flash recovery’ and then .img file name and press Enter.

Step 7: After finishing the process disconnect your phone & reboot.

Now you can check if your Nokia 8 phone. You can check if your device is rooted or not, by using Root Cheeker (Root Status) app.

How to Root Nokia 6 in Advanced Way

The advanced way to root Nokia 6 is a bit complicated. So, you should follow this procedure carefully. Here’s also the prerequisite is same as the easy way.

Step 1: Download the OST LA for your Nokia 6. Then patch it via provided patch file.

Step 2: Run the OST LA on your computer(from installation directory).

Step 3: Open the OFW with ‘nbo’ extension.

Step 4: Turn on & connect your device to the computer via USB cable. You Nokia 6 will boot into Fastboot mode.

Step 5: On OST LA, select Edit Phone Info. Your phone will reboot in download mood.

Step 6: When you see ‘ Boot FTM mode fail’ or ‘Not responding’ message, just close the OST LA. Otherwise, stop it via task manager.

Step 7: Now open the command prompt/PowerShell on OST LA installation address.

Step 8: Write ‘.\fastboot-android flash recovery C:\recovery.img’ and hit Enter.

Step 9: Again type ‘.\fastboot-android reboot’. Press Volume Up + Power button on your Phone and execute the written command.  Don’t release the pressed buttons until you see the recovery screen.s

Step 10: Now you can install SuperSU on recovery mood. After installation just reboots your phone.

After rebooting Nokia 6, go to Settings and turn off automatic updates. It will keep your OS safe. However, now you can check your phone’s root status by using Root Checker (Root Status) app.

Readme before leaving:

  1. Your computer should include compatible USB drivers for Nokia 6.
  2. You should turn on USB Debugging option on Developer option.
  3. If you don’t get the Developer option, go to About Phone & type 7 times on Build Number.
  4. The rooting process may spoil the warranty.
  5. Credit: The advanced way to root Nokia 6 is invented by Nokia geek Hikari Calyx. We are really thankful to him.

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