How to Restore WhatsApp Messages on Android


WhatsApp is the most popular and widely used messenger app for Android. It has lots of awesome features like messaging, media sharing (audio, video, image etc), group chatting. So by using whatsapp, you can send message as text, image, audio, voice note, video etc without paying any cost except internet connection.

How to Restore WhatsApp Messages on Android

The fact is this, whatsapp has no online database for storage of their content. So all the content are stored on user mobile internal memory or SD card.
If you have accidentally or intentionally deleted your whatsapp messages and can’t recover them, then I will tell you how to retrieve those deleted messages easily from whatsapp in Android phone.

How to Restore WhatsApp Messages on Android

There are various methods to recover deleted messages from whatsapp in Android. Now I am going to share with you the best possible tricks to retrieve all deleted messages. Lets follow the processes-

Methos-1: Restore Recently Deleted WhatsApp Messages or Chats

This method is very simple and interesting and you can recover recently deleted messages those are less than 7 days old. Whatsapp create a backup of your data automatically everyday at 4 am and this data stores into your phone memory or sd card memory.

  • Just simply uninstall the whatsapp application from your Android phone and then reinstall the application again.
  • After reinstalling, enter phone number and then click OK.Now, you will ask for restoration of your whatsapp data. Simply touch on Restore button and get back your messages or chats.¬† How to Restore WhatsApp Messages on Android

If you don’t want to delete your whatsapp messenger from your Android phone, then follow this process to retrieve the whatsapp data.

  • Go to Settings > Apps¬†
  • Now touch on whatsapp from your Application list
  • Touch on Clear data to clear all whatsapp data
  • Now open your whatsapp application and enter phone number then touch on OK button
  • Whatsapp will ask you for restoring your data just like above mentioned picture
  • Touch on Restore button and then touch on Continue when finished
  • Then enter all the information accordingly
  • After finishing, you will find your all deleted messages/chats. Now enjoy!

By this process you can restore deleted messages from whatsapp aged less than 7 days.

Method-2: Manually Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages

Whatsapp automatically create a backup file stored in SD card or phone memory. So, you have to find the Whatsapp folder in your phone memory or sd card memory.

  • Go your file manager > sd card or Phone memory > Whatsapp > Databases
  • Now you will find different file like msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.db.crypt. YYYY-MM-DD means date of your stored data.
  • Now below those file see the file msgstore.db.crypt and change the name of this file msgstore.db.crypt to any thing you want
  • Find the file that was created before you delete your messages and rename the file like msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.db.crypt to msgstore.db.crypt
  • After finishing rename, just uninstall your whatsapp application and reinstall it.
  • After reinstalling, you will ask for restoring data like previous method.

If you face any problem, then let me know and please share to help me.


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