How to Remove Profile Picture From Gmail

How to Remove Profile Picture From Gmail


In Gmail, when you email someone, your profile picture also gets displayed with it. Your profile picture should be perfect in terms of professional and others task. Sometimes it seems better to have no profile picture instead of having a ridicules picture. Here we are covering the full process on how to remove profile picture From Gmail.

It’ s recommended to have a nice profile picture to impress or convinces opposite parity. Therefore, if you have a nasty profile picture then you should change it. If you are unable to choose a perfect profile picture, then you can remove it from your Gmail.

After removing profile picture Gmail will show their standard avatar along with your email. It’s much better than having an inappropriate profile picture.

How to Remove Profile Picture from Gmail on Computer

Generally, when you delete your profile picture on Gmail, it gets replaced with others. So, removing profile picture from not as easy as seen. But, here we have simplified the process. Let’s start it.

Step 1: Firstly, sign-in to your Gmail account.

Sign into your Google Account to get access into Google Doc

Step 2: Click on your profile picture located at the upper-right corner of the screen.

Click on the profile picture on Gmail

Step 3: Then press the My Account button.

Press the My Account button to get detailed options

Step 4: Click on the Personal info & privacy section.

Now go into the Personal Info and privacy option of your gmail account

Step 5: Scroll down a little bit and click on About me.

Go into the About Me section of your Google account

Step 6: Then click on your profile picture.

Tap on your profile picture direclty

Step 7: Press the No Photo button.

Finally, press the No Photo button to remove your profile picture

Step 8: Refresh the page.

Here you will see that your gmail profile picture is no more

Genuinely that’s how you can delete your Gmail profile picture. Once you have removed the profile picture, check your Gmail account. If you still getting the profile picture, delete all browsing history and sign-in to your Gmail account to see the effect.

How to Remove Profile Picture from Gmail on Mobile

You can also do the same task on your mobile device. Yes, we have made a short way to remove your profile picture from Gmail quickly. Just make sure that you have a proper net connection on your device.

Step 1: At first, login to your Gmail account with correct username & password.

Enter your email and password and log into your Gmail account using your mobile device

Step 2: Then at the URL bar copy or type then press Enter.

Step 3: Now, tap on your Gmail(Google account) profile picture.

Tap the profile picture displaying on your phone screen

Step 4: Press the No Picture button.

Click the no photo button to remove your profile picture

Yes, you have just removed the profile picture from Gmail. But, keep in might that removing profile picture from Gmail will affect other Google accounts also. However, to see the change effect, just clean all history of your browser and log into your Gmail again.

Last Lines

👉 All of your Gmail products use the same profile picture. Removing profile picture from Gmail will automatically remove your profiles picture from Gmail products like Google+, Hangout, YouTube, and
👉 When you don’t have a profile picture, Google displays the first word of your name instead.

Email becomes so important in some situation. But if your profile picture is not appreciable, that may provide negative impact towards you. So, it’s better to have no profile picture in Gmail. After removing profile picture, default Gmail avatar will get displayed on the left side of your email.


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