How to Recover Deleted Yahoo Emails

As a free webmail service provider, Yahoo Mail has lots of advanced features that are quite helpful to use. One of most useful featuer of Yahoo mail is you can recover your deleted emails. Here we will know, how to recover deleted Yahoo emails.


As we know, email is now mostly used for personal and professional use. Not all emails of your account are important. But some emails might contain any valuable information that you don’t want to lose. If you have deleted your most important email from your Yahoo Mail account, then don’t worry we have some methods to recover it.

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How to Recover Deleted Yahoo Emails

Using this process, you can get back your deleted Yahoo emails easily.

Step 1: Log into your Yahoo Mail account from your any smart device.


Step 2: Then go to the trash folder that is located in the left pane of the Yahoo Mail user interface.

Trash folder in Yahoo Mail

Step 3: Now find your deleted email from the trash folder. Then select or open the email and click on ‘Move’ option. Then move the selected email to ‘inbox’ or another existing folder.


Move folder in Yahoo Mail

Note: you can also search for your deleted email at the search box using senders email address, subject or others.

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If You Have Deleted Email from Trash Folder

In case, you cleared your Yahoo Mail trash folder and you need to follow another way. It’s tough to get back an email that was deleted from trash folder. However, as the last chance, you can request to restore your Yahoo mails.

Step 1: Go to Yahoo Mail restore request form.

Step 2: Here you have to describe your problems, the time you have seen your deleted email, Yahoo ID, an alternative email address. After providing that information, give the Captcha and click on ‘Create Request’ button.

👉 You can only restore messages, that was deleted from trash folder in between last 7 days.
👉 Backup your all emails before creating a restoring request.
👉 You can’t cancel any restoring request later.
👉 In the feature, you can also use an email backup software to avoid those kinds of accidents.

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So, have you learned that how to recover deleted Yahoo emails? You should be careful towards your Yahoo Mail account and backup your important emails. Protect your Yahoo Mail account with an extra layer of security. Be aware of cybercrime.

What’s your story about restoring emails? What’s your comment about it?

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