How to Recall an Email in Yahoo That Already Sent

How to recall an Email in Yahoo? We all know, Yahoo is one of the most famous email service providers in the world. Lots of people use Yahoo email for their personal and professional purpose. But when you write an email and sends it to the wrong person, what’s happens next? It’s not good to tell anything awkward to a random person. You should recall the email that you sent.

How to Recall an Email in Yahoo That Already Sent

If you are a Yahoo mail user, then I am sorry to say that, you won’t be able to recall your email. Yes, Yahoo doesn’t let you recall or edit any email that you have sent to any random person. Same rule goes for Hotmail email service also. But you can always recall any send email on your Gmail account.

What Should I Do, After Sending an Unexpected Email to A Random Person?

Firstly, you should not tell anything about your personal, professional matters to any random person. You might want to share those things with a particular person that you know. Also, you can’t expose everything with the wrong person. If you have sent an email to anyone accidentally, then please write an email to apologize for your mistake and email it to that person. If you have sent an uncompleted email to a particular person that you don’t intend to send, then first you should apologize and send a complete email again.

How to Avoid Those Kinds of Mistake at Yahoo

Yahoo, introduce a good feature that will help you to prevent that kind of accidents. At Yahoo Mail, when you start typing a new email, its automatically get saved in a draft folder. Yes, you don’t have to click save/draft button. It will automatically save all changes to your email. So, if you have an urgent work do, leave your email and come back later and start editing from where you left.

How to Recall an Email in Google That Already Sent

However, If Yahoo doesn’t let you recall send emails, Google offers this feature for you. It’s good to know how to recall an email in Gmail. It will save you from unexpected problems in future if you use Gmail account.

Step 1: Log into your Gmail account from your web browser.

Step 2: Start composing your email and send it.

Step 3: An ‘Undo’ option will pop-up at the top of your screen. Click on that ‘Undo’ button, to recall your send email immediate.

The Bottum Line

👉 Save your important emails before you send it to others.
👉 Please maintain the Email Etiquette during composing any email.
👉 Don’t include controversial topics in your email.

So, that’s all you should know about how to Recall an Email in Yahoo Mail. But, Yahoo is not a backdated email provider. It also provides an amazing feature that will save your uncompleted emails automatically. You can re-edit and send your emails anytime you want. Naturally, this feature will help you to get into that kind of irritating situation.



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