PayPal Login – How to Guide

PayPal is an American company that offers, Global Payment platform over 23 countries. It’s created a secure and reliable payment system for their customers. You can use PayPal for personal or Business projects. PayPal is a powerful tool for payment over The Web. PayPal can be used at Mobile also. It has an App to makes PayPal working system easier for any users. To get all the facilities over the internet, you have to get logged in on your device. In this tutorial, we will provide your whole information of PayPal login.

About: PayPal is one of the largest organization for internet was funded in 1998, at 21 centuries it becomes a revolution for the Global payment system. PayPal is used for shop products from online. You can also make payment or get payment over integrated with PayPal. PayPal has over 190 million active users. It’s a greater result of their hard work. PayPal makes Online payment so easy and fast. It’s just a virtual money that you can use it anywhere at online.

PayPal Login on PC

PayPal account is mostly used for Computers devices. If you are using your Personal Computer or Laptop device to get logged in, you should Maintain those steps. Here they start,

Step 1: At first build up a secure and working net connection for your Device. Then go to your web Browser and Search for PayPal. Or you can go over here.

Step 2: Now you will get an Official website of PayPal Organization. This is the main window of PayPal. You will get all options related to PayPal activity at one place. However, you will get A log In option at the Top right side of this web page. Click on the Log In option. If you can find the login option, just go here.

PayPal Login

Step 3: Then you will get a page with all log in options that will help you to get logged in to your PayPal account. You have to fill tow opinion that is Email address and Password. At the first option give your Email address that is linked to your PayPal account. Now fill Next box. At next option, you have to give the correct password of your Account. Then Click on Log in to get the access of your expected account!

PayPal Login

PayPal Login on Mobile

PayPal is a powerful tool on the Computer devices. But, they have created a mobile-friendly user interface to get engaged with mobile platforms. So, you can also use your PayPal account on your mobile device, to get all those options that related to your PayPal activity. Just follow these simple steps to get entered into your PayPal account

Step 1: Net connectivity is the Major fact to get linked to your PayPal account to your Mobile device. So, Make sure you have a valid internet connection on your mobile device. After that go to your browser, then search for PayPal or you can go here.

Step 2: Now you will get a colorful website with all information about PayPal account and their mission. At the same web page, you will get Log in option. This option is located on the top right side of PayPal web page. So, click on the Log In the option to get started.

PayPal Login

Step 3: Then you will get all log in options of PayPal at your Mobile screen. At first, you have to fill an empty box for Email address. Enter your Email address that was used for your PayPal account. After just write the correct password that was set for your PayPal account when creating it. Now click on Log In.

PayPal Login

PayPal Login on Mobile App

PayPal corporation has created an amazing App for several Platforms. That makes easier the whole payment system. You can manage your virtual PayPal money with this simple app. You can also Track your account information using this. Also, you can send your money to your friend or other client using their email or mobile number. This app has dozens of options for’s a revolutionary app with greater user interfaces from PayPal. It’s an amazing app for finance category.

So, if you want to check those features, you have to log in to your PayPal account at this app. We will show you Whole process dividing by some steps. So, let’s start this process,

Step 1: At first you have to download this app from App store of your platform.

Download PayPal App From Google Play

Download PayPal App From Apple Store

Download PayPal App From Windows Store

Step 2: After downloading and installing this app from app store, open it. You will get A starting screen. You will get two options at the bottom of the screen. Click on log In from that option that is situated at left side.

PayPal Login

Note: you can swipe your screen to learn more about PayPal system.

Step 3: Then you some option including PayPal icon at the top. As usual, you will get two options to get logged in at App. However, you have to fill those two empty boxes with right information that is required to log in. At first, give your Email account that was connected to your PayPal account. After that give the right password of your PayPal account. Now click on Log in. You will get Log in option at the bottom of your screen.

PayPal Login

So, now you will get access to your PayPal account with this papaya account is more useful with this App. It’s an easy way to manage your PayPal account. Enjoy this Amazing App!

Here’s How you can log in to your PayPal account using several platforms. This tutorial covers Log in process of all available Platforms that you help you when using those platforms. Hope this will fulfill your all basic and F.A. Q’s related to PayPal account and their activity.

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