Paylocity Login – How to Guide

Paylocity is a software that gives payroll and human capital management solutions for medium and small organizations. This was established at 1997 and at the beginning of the 21st century it becomes one of the leading company that provides great and customization payroll and human capital management software.


Paylocity Login Process

Paylocity gives you any facilities and option to grow your business potential. They can also help you to manage your workforce at the real time. It will also bring you other important strategies for you according to their database. But at first, you have to get signed in at your online account to use those facilities and options. Paylocity can work with the registered online account. You can use the online account on any device and platform that is connected to the internet.

Paylocity Login on PC

If you have a personal computer device and willing to get logged in at your Phylactic online account using your computer, then you should try this method to get logged in.


Step 1: At the beginning, you have to ensure you have a proper internet connection. After configuring the internet connection t your personal computer, you have to open you any web browser and search for Paylocity login page. You can go over here to get it.

Step 2: If you have got the login page of Paylocity, then you have to do some simple tasks.

  • At the first option, enter your Company ID, that was provided by Paylocity for your Company.
  • Then give your Username/UserID of your Paylocity online account at the second option.
  • After that, write the correct password of your Paylocity online account that was created by you either, especially for your Paylocity account.

At the end, you have to click on the Login option to get the access.


Paylocity Login

So, now you will get the Paylocity online account at your personal computer device. You will get all available factors and useful option for your computer device and it will surely help you to extract the success at your business.

Paylocity Login on Mobile Device

Paylocity online account is also available on the mobile device. If you have the internet connection on your mobile device, as a portable account, you can use your Paylocity online account on any mobile device using your account. It’s safe and protected. So, follow those steps to get your Paylocity online account on your mobile device.

Step 1: Create a secure and workable internet connection at your mobile device’s network settings. You can use Wi-Fi or cellular data to get an internet connection on your mobile device. If everything is ready to go, then open your internet browser and search for Paylocity login page or go over here.

Step 2: Now you will get an entire page with all login options of Paylocity online account. There are some options to fill up with correct information. Enter your Company ID at the first option of the page. Then you have to include the Username of your Paylocity online account at the next option. In last option just provide your password of Paylocity account and click on orange Login option.

Paylocity Login

Paylocity Login on App

There is an official App from Paylocity, named ‘Paylocity Mobile’. This App is available at Android and Apple Store. It’s free to download and use. As a part of the Business category, it’s a popular and most effective app of the business category of any App Store. This app offers workforce management system, instant access to payroll and HR data, potential strategy data, account editing and other helpful resources. There are so many extra-advance features that you have to discover by yourself.

Paylocity Login

So, if you are interested in using this Paylocity Mobile App on your device, then you can follow this procedure to get started.

Step 1: As a first step, you have to download this App on your mobile device.

Download Paylocity Mobile from Google Play

Download Paylocity Mobile from Apple Store

Note: Paylocity Mobile App currently not available at Windows Store.

Step 2: If you have finished the downloading and installing process of Paylocity Mobile App then just open it on your mobile device. At first glance, you will see the login page for Paylocity online account. That’s mean you have to use all Paylocity online account credentials to get into this app. Enter your Company ID, Username and Password of your Paylocity online account back to back and just click on the Login option, that’s it.

Paylocity Login

Paylocity Forgot Password

In the case of forgetting Paylocity online account password, always you should use this easy method to reset your password and recover Paylocity online account.

Step 1: At first you have to get the login page of Paylocity online account. You can follow the login process of Paylocity, or click here.

Step 2: After you have got the Paylocity login page, click on the Forgot Password option that is situated at the left bottom side of the login box.

Paylocity Login

Step 3: Here will come another page with several empty options, that you have to fill with right information about you and your online account. Now you have to do this.

  • Enter Company ID at the first option.
  • Provide Username/UserID of your Paylocity online account.
  • Give the Email Address of yours that was associated with your Paylocity online
  • Write the following letters that are displaying right under the ‘Image Text’ option.

If everything in right place, you should click on Next option.

Paylocity Login

Now Paylocity will send you a temporary password at your provided Email Address. So, enter that particular password to get the access of your Paylocity online account.

That’s all, we have created for the Paylocity online account login process for all available platforms. We have also added the account recovery process if you need it. We have tried to make those processes as simple as possible, if you have faced any particular problem between one of those process, you can comment your problem in the comment section. You can also check out other related software!

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