Password Protect Google Chrome – How to Guide

Password Protect Google Chrome – How to Guide


If you want to protect your valuable information from your Google Chrome browser and wondering how to do that, you have come to a right place in this tutorial we will teach you how to protect your Google Chrome browser with a password.

We use computers to do our significant works for our various need. All of us use our computers to do personal stuff. Many of us don’t want to share our information with others or don’t want to show them that important stuff. If your computer is situated in a crowded environment or other people use your computer, this can break your privacy. if they have to use your browser that would be more harmful towards your personal information and privacy.

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How to Password Protect Google Chrome

You have to follow some steps to protect your chrome browser. We are using one extension on Google Chrome to protect with password your browser. Just follows these steps properly:

Step 1: First of all, download the latest version of Google Chrome on your computer.

The fast and speedy web browser Google Chrome

Step 2: Now open Google Chrome and go to this link to get the extension. Then you will get the extension named “Set password for your browser “. You have to click the “ADD TO CHROME” button at the top right side of this particular box. Google Chrome will start downloading this extension after that. Now you just have to wait till the download has stopped.

Add the extension to Google Chrome

Step 4: After that, a notification message will appear on your Google Chrome browser asking for your permissions to start the installation prospect. Click on “Add Extension” to Getting started!

Password Protect Google Chrome

Step 3: After completing the installation of the new extension, a small window will appear with an empty box to set a password. Now write your password that you want to set on Google from. After that just click on “OK” for setting a password for your Google Chrome browser.

Password Protect Google Chrome

Note: There is no option to recover the password. So, set a password with attention please. Give a simple password, don’t use any complicated password that you might forget in future. If anyhow you forget or lost your password, you would be blocked from opening your Google Chrome browser. So, set your password carefully this time.

Now your work has done. You have to restart your Google Chrome browser, and you will see a window will appear asking for a password. You have to give the right password to enter in Google Chrome. otherwise, you won’t get permission to access on Google Chrome. Now your Google Chrome web browser is password protected.

How to Change the Password of Google Chrome

If you want to change the password of the Google Chrome browser with this extension, then follow this process.

Step 1: First of all, open the Google Chrome browser and click on that Google extension icon and click on Option from that extension menu.

Password Protect Google Chrome

Step 2: Then you will get a page where you can change your current Google Chrome browser. Just enter your old password and then set a new password and click on “Save”. You can also set a Dynamic password here.

Click on the save button

Remove Password Protection from Google Chrome

If you want to remove this password protection system or don’t like this extension on Google Chrome then you hate to follow this instruction. To remove this password protection you have to delete the extension. Just follow that instruction

Step 1: After installing this extension you will see an icon of this extension beside URL bar. Now click on that icon and here you will get several options for the extension. If you want to delete/remove this password protect extension just click on “Remove from Chrome”.

Password Protect Google Chrome

Step 2: Now you will see a small window will appear for taking your permeation to delete this extension from Google Chrome permanently. Just click on “OK“. Now your “Set password for your browser” will be deleted from your Google Chrome. Then your Google Chrome will again become password free.

Password Protect Google Chrome

Password Protect Google Chrome with Default Password Protection System

We know Google Chrome is one of the smartest and advanced browsers of 21 centuries. Google Chrome has created a place in the world most used browsers. Google Chrome has a large number of users on every continent of this world. Many of us use Google Chrome as a permanent browser for our everyday working. But many of us might don’t know that Google Chrome has its built-in password protection system.

You can use this method if you live in a populated family or you have to share your computer with others. It could be detrimental to your privacy if you don’t lock your browser with a password. Anyone can see your potential information from your browser just like Browsing history, username, and password, previous session, logged in accounts activity, your emails etc. If you want to protect them from hacking, you can use Google Chrome built-in password protection. You can control and monetize the net browsing of the guest user of your Google Chrome browser by this default protection system.

So, if you Interested to turn off protecting system of yours Google Chrome with built-in protection, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome. Then type or copy and paste chrome://flags/#enable-new-profile-management at the URL bar of Google Chrome.

Password Protect Google Chrome

Step 2: Now you will find the option that highlighted with yellow color. Just select the Enable option from the drop-down menu that located at “New profile management system”.

Password Protect Google Chrome

Step 3: Then you will see an option named “RELAUNCH NOW”. Click on that option. Then your Google Chrome browser will automatically restart and it will save those changes.

Password Protect Google Chrome

Step 4: After restarting Google Chrome browser you have to go to Google Chrome setting. Just click on options button that is located beside URL bar. Here you will find settings option for Google Chrome. Just click on a Setting option from that menu.

Password Protect Google Chrome

Step 5: Now you will get the Google Chrome Option-Tab. Search and find out the people section of that settings tab. Just click on “Add person” from the People section.

Password Protect Google Chrome

Step 6: Now select an avatar to give a nice avatar to your supervised users. Give a name to your supervised user at Name section. Now you have to check” Control and view the websites this person visits” option to control net usage of your supervised user or guest users of your Google Chrome browser. After that just click on “Add” to create your supervised user’s account.

Password Protect Google Chrome

Note: You have to log in to your Google account at Google Chrome to set this password protection on your Google Chrome browser. If you don’t have any Google account, create a new Google account here. After creating a new Google account just log in with that account on your Google Chrome browser.

Step 7: Now just click on the Account button that is located just beside the minimize button of Google Chrome tab. Then you will see some account options. Now click on “Exit and Child Lock” from those options.

The exit option of a Google Chrome profile

Now all the work has done! You will get the account option on every startup of your Google Chrome browser. Your Computer users have to give the password of your Google account to use your Google Chrome browsers.

However, there is an option to use your Google Chrome browser with your Supervised user account that you have created just or year. On that account, users can’t browse sites that you have blocked. They will be only available to visit sites that you have given permission to visit. You can also monetize their online activity by this supervised user account. For more information read the further article here.

Control Activity of Supervised Account and Guest Users on Google Chrome

The Google Chrome Security alert

If you followed that method that has mentioned above then you might get curious about, how to control the internet usage of your guest users by the supervised user. It’s an amazing method to control internet usage of the other users of your computer. It would be so helpful when you have a little child in your family and you want to make sure that they are not going to the harmful site on the internet.

You can block those harmful websites or any other particular websites by this method. You can also allow your guest users to visit any educational website or another helpful website that might help them.

Monitor Net Usage of Gest User

You can also monitor the net usage of your guest users and much more. Just follow that instruction to get started!

Step 1: At first Go to from your Google Chrome browser.

Password Protect Google Chrome

Step 2: Here you will get the Supervised user dashboard. Froom Supervised user dashboard just click on “Manage” from Permissions section.

Click on the Manage option

Step 3: Then you will get those options on your screen. To block or allow any particular website for your guest user or supervised users of your Google Chrome, change or customize the behavior of any website towards your supervised users. After customizing all permission Stuff click on “OK” button to save those changes on your Google Chrome Browser.

Password Protect Google Chrome

Step 4: You can also track net usage of your guest user or supervised user from the supervised user account dashboard. Your supervised user can request you to allow them to visit any particular website on your Google Chrome browser. You can accept or deny their request from Request section at the supervised user dashboard.

Supervised user request to browse a website

There is also an option named Activity in Supervised users panel. Here you can monetize the net usage of your guest or supervised users. You will see detail information of their internet browsing history at the Activity section of the dashboard.

Now the supervised user can browse the requested website

Delete Supervised User Account from Google Chrome

If you want to delete the supervised account, or if you want to remove this password protection system from your Google Chrome then just follow those 2 simple methods:

Method 1

Open Google Chrome browser and go to Supervised user account dashboard. from the dashboard just click on the dustbin icon at” Supervised user” section. Then a small window will appear asking your permission to delete this supervised user account. Just click on “Delete” to remove this account from your Google Chrome browser.

Password Protect Google Chrome

Method 2

you can also delete supervised or guest account from the startup of Google Chrome browser. Just click on options icon that is situated at the top light side of your supervised user’s avatar. After that, you will see some option there. Just click on “Remove this person” to delete this guest or supervised account from your Google Chrome browser.

Remove the gust user from Google Chrome browser

So, here’s how you can control and monetize usage of your guest user or supervised users and make your Google Chrome Browser more secure to use. You can turn off notification if you want urgent information on supersized user’s net access.

Last Lines

We hope those methods will help you to make secure your Google Chrome browser. If you follow one of that method, your Google Chrome browser will be password protected, and nobody can access and interface your personal information. Those are the easiest way to password protect your Google Chrome browser. It will take less time to set a password and start protecting your Google Chrome browser with a password.


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