How to Save a Google Doc to a Flash Drive

See how you can save a Google Doc file to a Flash Drive easily

The Google Doc is one of the most used online cloud storage services for saving documents files. It’s also a part of Google Drive service. On Google Doc, you can easily upload and download Documents from Google Doc using your browser. Converting files into another format is also easy. But, if you need to save

How to Use Corsair Link

Learn how to use Corsair Link with detailed information

Basically, Corsair Link is a software utility that lets you control your computer’s fan, coolers, LED and others. It mostly works with Corsair products (Link Kit). But, you can also use this on your computer to get better control and manage all your extra peripherals. However, Here I will explain all about how to use

How to Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook

All steps on how to hide mutual friends on Facebook.

Generally, Mutual friends showed up separately when you enter someone’s profile. In some particular situation, we feel the necessity to hide our mutual friends on Facebook. So, here’s I am explaining how to hide mutual friends on Facebook. Truly speaking, there’s no option to hide mutual friends from your account instantly. But, I will show

How to Setup a Dolphin Emulator Memory Card

Set a new memory Card on your computer for Dolphin Emulator software

Dolphin is the only emulator available that lets you play all Nintendo GameCube and Wii games on your Computer. Generally, we use Memory Card to save game data on Nintendo. But, there’s no way to use Nintendo Memory card on our computers. So, here we will teach you, How to Setup Dolphin Emulator Memory card.

How to Text to T-Mobile From a Computer

Send text to any T mobile phone number from computer

Sometimes we have to text each other necessarily. But, if you don’t have enough credit left on your phone you might not able to contact another person. So, in such situations, we have used other devices to send Text messages(SMS). Fortunately, you can send a text message from your computer to any T-Mobile user easily

How to Locate a Person’s Home or Cell Phone Number for Free

How to Locate a Person's Home or Cell Phone Number for Free

Finding a person over the internet is easy with lots of tools. But it isn’t that much easy when it comes to Home or cell number. literally, there’s no fixed directory where to find any person’s home or cell identity. It doesn’t work. But don’t get frustrated with that. We have some tricky ways to

How To Use PayPal On Amazon To Pay For Your Purchase

How To Use PayPal On Amazon To Pay For Your Purchase

Amazon is one of the biggest online product sellers. It’s available across the globe. People buy their products through various payment method on Amazon. At today’s online industry, PayPal is the most popular online payment method. Many people ask, how to use PayPal on Amazon to pay for your purchase. But sadly, Amazon doesn’t support

Where are my followers from? Instagram followers location, city, country

Know Instagram followers location, city, country

If you don’t understand your audience properly you won’t get succeed on Instagram. Knowing your audience will help you to get more followers and get better engagement. Your content should be according to your audience’s locations and their habit. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get Instagram Followers Location. Here we will cover the

How to Uninstall Tor Browser?

How to Uninstall Tor Browser?

Tor browser lets you browse the internet safely, but it doesn’t work normally. It’s best for occasional use and complicated for daily use. That’s why most of the users want to uninstall it from their computer. Also, uninstalling Tor browser lets you delete all information that was used to browse websites. However, here we will