What Is the NTUSER.DAT File & Should I Remove It?

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In the Windows-operated computer, you might find a file that is Ntuser.dat file. It’s a special file, that contains all information of your user profile in a windows computer. This file contains ‘dat’ extension and it’s a windows registry file.

What Is the NTUSER.DAT File & Should I Remove It?

Generally, Ntuser.dat file is used to store all initial profile information of computer users. As it is registry file, Windows operating system uses those files to store all information regarding hardware and software of the computer. It’s a system file and mandatory for your user profile. The Ntuser.dat file saves various kinds of information and settings for your user profile. Such like, account history, customizations and another piece of information that would be mandatory for your Windows computer user profile.


As we know Ntuser.dat file is a system file for Windows computing device. It’s a hidden file. That mean’s you can’t view the Ntuser.dat file in general. You must reconfigure your file explorer (Windows Explorer) to view or take control of the file. Open Windows file explorer by pressing Win + E button. Then go to ‘View’ tab and check into ‘Hidden items’ option.

Location: The location of this file is at your user folder of Windows. The directory is C:\Users\user_name.

Should I Remove NTUSER.DAT?

As a Windows registry file, NTUSER.DAT file is mandatory for your user profile. So, you should not intend to delete this file. Its contain all your user profile information for Windows. The deletion of this system file may result in file corruption for your User profile. You may not be able to login to your user profile if the Ntuser.dat file gets corrupted.

Last Lines

👉 Ntuser.dat file contains all necessary settings and information for your User profile.
👉 Windows lockup this file automatically when you enter your User profile.
👉 You should not delete this file.

If you really want to delete This file, then you might have to take the ownership of that user’s profile. When you are done you can easily delete the file. But it will cause missing data of your current profile.


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