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NPU in short of Northwestern Polytechnic University is a non-profit, unaccredited private Institution of learning and teaching, Situated at 1984 in Fremont, California of United States. They are Providing advanced education and a high Technological environment for the students as if they could learn the lessons properly for motivating themselves to pursue intellectual growth and apply it to their professional life. It is a great Contribution for making Global leaders and makes the world more update to live. NPU attends several job Fairs and works with local businesses to provide employment opportunities for their students in several sectors.


NPU Login Processes

NPU have already bought their all services at online as if they could reach to all of their members through online at the speed of Internet. There are Various ways for login at NPU. You will only need a device with an Internet Connection to login at NPU. Please follow the instructions given below to login NPU Online accounts.

NPU Login on PC or Laptop

All The PC owners who are wanting to login at NPU online accounts, Please follow the instructions.


Step-1: Connect Your device with the internet connection open your browser and search for NPU web page or you can click on here.


Step-2: After getting the web page you will come to see 4 login options, You just have to select your login category for getting access to your online account of NPU.



Step-3: Then provide your User id and password where they are required and just click on Login.

NPU Login on Mobile

If you are a smartphone user, then you have the opportunity to get access at your NPU online account at anywhere, like home, office or abroad where you could afford (cellular data, wi-fi).

Step-1: Connect your smartphone with an internet connection, like cellular data wifi or an internet package.

Step-2: Then open your browser and search for the online web page of NPU.

Step-3: You will get 4 Login options. You just have to select your Login option.

Step-4: Provide your User id and the password at the places, where they are needed and click on Login.

Then you will get access to your NPU’s online account.

NPU Login on Mobile App

All the Smartphone user who are willing to get the NPU mobile App at their device so that they could easily get all the features and services of NPU. Please follow the steps given below.

Step-1: Please download the latest version of NPU mobile app from the app store which is supported by your mobile, Like Google play store or Apple Store.

Step-2: Then install it at your device and open it.

Step-3: After installing it successfully at your device, Open it and choose the option of login.

Step-4: Then you will get the login categories, Just select one among them which you want to login.

Step-5: Provide your user id and password and click on login to get access to your NPU Online account.

NPU forgot password

If you ever forget your password, then we hope this post will help you to gain it back. Please follow these steps given below to recover your password at anytime.

NPU Login

Step-1: Enter your User Name or Email address where they are required.

Step-1: After providing User Name or Email address, you have to verify Yourself to the authority of NPU.
If everything goes well, you will get the option to recover your password.

We hope, this post will help you understand the whole login process of your NPU online account. If you have any question to ask about this post, please don’t hesitate and ask it in the comment section. If you like it, please share the post.


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