Netflix Login – How to Guide

Netflix is an Entertainment company that was founded on 1997. It’s an American multinational company. They are the leading internet television network around the globe. It all started at 1997 and now they have over 86 million members around the world. Netflix is available in 190 countries to give the best entertainment to us.


You can watch Movers, documents, featured films every day at Netflix. The user can watch those programs anytime anywhere, on any devices and platforms with a proper internet connection!

If you want to get those amazing features of Netflix, at first, you have to get logged in at your Netflix.

In this tutorial, we will show you, all process of getting signed in at Netflix with all available platform.


Netflix Login PC

If you are a computer user and wanted to get signed in at Netflix then follow the steps.

Step 1: At first set up a secure and working net connection at your personal computer. Then go to your browser and search for Netflix. You can also go here.


Step 2: Now you will get the official web page of Netflix. Here you will get detail information of Netflix. However, if you want to get the Log in a page of Netflix, just click on the Sign In option at the top right corner of the web page.

Netflix Login

Step 3: At this stage, a Sing in the page will appear on your screen. This sing in page includes some blanks options. Just you have to do,

  • Give your Email address that was associated with Netflix.
  • Enter the correct password of your Netflix account.

At the end click on Sing in button.

Netflix Login

That’s it. Now you will be redirected to your Netflix account, and you can enjoy all programs of Netflix on your Personal Computer or Laptop.

Netflix Login on Mobile Device

Netflix can be also usable on any internet connected a mobile device. IF you have a mobile device user and willing to get signed in at Netflix, then you can follow this instruction.

Step 1: Make sure you have a valid and working internet connection at the network section on your mobile device. Then go to your internet browser of your Mobile and search for Netflix. Or you can also go here.

Step 2: Now the official web page of Netflix will appear on your mobile screen. Just click on Sing In option.

Netflix Login

Step 3: Give your Email address that was linked to your Netflix account. At the next option, write the correct password of your account and simply click on Sing In.

Netflix Login

After that, you will be able to use your Netflix account from your Mobile device.

Netflix Login on App

Netflix has a mobile app for their users. You can use this App to get some extra advantage. Any user can watch many TV episodes and movie, a special documentary on this Netflix app. If you want to get the best experience of Netflix, then you must try out this App.

For using this App, you have to get logged in at this Netflix App. Follow the steps to get logged in at Netflix App.

Step 1: Download the latest version of Netflix App from your own App Store.

Download Netflix App from Google Play

Download Netflix App from Apple Store

Download Netflix App from Windows Store

Step 2: After downloading the App, just open it. At first, you will get the starting screen of Netflix App. Click/tap on the Sing In option from the starting screen.

Netflix Login

Step 3: After that, login page of Netflix App will appear on your screen, you just have to do,

  • At the first option give your Email address that was associated with your Netflix account.
  • Then enter the correct password of your account.

At the last moment, click on red Sing In the option of Netflix App.

Netflix Login

After getting signed in, you will be able to watch thousands of Movies, documentaries, TV episodes on your Netflix App.

Forgot Netflix Email or Password

If you have forgotten one of those account credentials, like password or Email; Then you can use this method to recover your Netflix account,

Step 1: At first you have to get the Log In the page of Netflix. Just go here to get the login page.

Step 2: After getting the Log on the page just click on Forgot your email or password?

Netflix Login

Step 3: Select one of that account verifying method from Email, Text Message, and Voice Call. If you have selected the Email option, give your Email address; if Text Message or Voice Call just give your mobile number at the next option and click on Email Me/Call Me.

Netflix Login

Now you will be instructed to how you can reset the password of your Netflix account.

That’s all for Netflix account Sing in and recover Netflix account. We have covered all available Device and platforms. If you have faced any problems between any of those steps, you can comment here. Share your thoughts!


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