Mattress Materials: A Complete Guide

For a long time, mattresses were simple things. You had the choice of innerspring, or if you were well off, memory foam.

Today, there are far more choices out there for different budgets and preferences, with gels for cooling, pillow tops and hybrid offerings providing flexibility at different price points. Take a look at the mattress warehouse to read reviews.

Innerspring Mattresses

The traditional and most popular type of mattress is the innerspring. This type of mattress has steel coils that are bundled together inside the mattress and that support the body.

The springs help to manage the distribution of the body weight over the bed. Coils can be shaped in different ways and connected or independent, and each of these options has different benefits and downsides in terms of weight distribution and longevity.

The coils on the mattress are surrounded by layers of upholstery which can help to add cushioning. Usually it is best to buy an innerspring mattress with its own box-spring so that you can get the support that is designed specifically for that kind of mattress.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam is ‘viscoelastic polyurethane’, and this type of foam was invented by NASA in the 70s. The original idea was that it would protect astronauts from the g-forces that they experience during lift-off. It was a Swedish company that noticed the potential of the foam, and in the 1990s the first memory foam beds were launched.

Memory Foam Mattress Materials

These mattresses became popular with people who suffered from aches and pains because the improved support takes the pressure off specific limbs. One downside of memory foam, however, is that it tends to get quite warm from body heat, and some people find it hard to sleep because they overheat.

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Newer memory foam designs offer better cooling because they have cooling layers, offering a good compromise between pressure relief, support, and ventilation, so you can avoid the aches and pains without overheating. Memory foam is now one of the most popular options for people who want more support than springs can offer them.

Latex Mattresses

In the last few years, latex mattresses have become very popular because they appeal to those who want to avoid synthetic materials. They are similar to memory foam and they conform to the body very well but they also have a nice bounce. Some companies make memory foam mattresses that have latex in them as well, offering more bounce and

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are made from more than one material – for example, latex and memory foam, or latex and coils. These are designed to offer the best of both worlds and can be more durable and more breathable while still giving people the support or comfort that they might want with their health issues.

There are many hybrid options, including coil and foam mattresses. These hybrids are engineered to offer the best properties of each kind of mattress, helping people to get the most comfortable type for their needs. Pillow tops are also sometimes hybrids if the pillow part contains a different material to the rest of the mattress.

Adjustable Bases

The base for the bed matters as much as the mattress does, and it is important that you get the right design. An adjustable bed base can be used with a lot of mattress types. Similar to hospital beds, adjustable beds let you raise or lower the head and legs, which can be useful for those suffering from back pain, those who snore, and people who need to sleep in a specific position because of their health issues.

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Adjustable beds can greatly improve the comfort for those who use them, but they may need a special mattress, especially if the upper and lower parts of the body can be moved separately, as in recliners.

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