How to Make Windows 10 Faster

How to Make Windows 10 Faster


Windows 10 is becoming more and more famous from its release date. If you upgrade your OS from previews windows or use a built-in Windows 10 PC, whatever you use, Your PC might lag for some crucial reasons. Here we will find out How to Make Windows 10 Faster.

Windows 10 is a very advanced operating system. It includes some excellent animations that give Windows 10 a fabulous look. But those animating and extra effects might get unnecessary. It won impact much in newer devices, but if you are using an old one, then your device speed can be decreased. Also when you use a new PC (Windows 10) the performance of device stays quite smooth.

But day by day your device gets leggier because your device creates tons of temp file each day. Those temp files make a significant impact on your device performance. Some startup apps can slow down your Windows boot up speed, and those apps start automatically when you open your device.

How to Make Windows 10 Faster?

If you want to make your Windows PC/Tabulate smooth, then you have to follow those steps one by one. We will get a faster Windows 10 by following simple 5 steps. Those steps are:

Disable Unnecessary Animations and Effects of Windows 10

Windows 10 is fully loaded with animations. We love animations. It gives a beautiful user interface. But its effects on performance of your Device. Those animations just use more and more CPU cycles and memory resources. It’s good for your Device performance speeds. Sometimes it’s slow down your device general performance speed. Those animations and special effects are unnecessary. So you can get a better speed by switching off some of those animations on your Windows 10 device. To Disable some of those animations and Effects, you have to follow the steps:

Step 1. First off all just go to Cortana search bar and type sysdm.cpl and press enter. After that just hit Enter.

Windows 10 task bar

Step 2. Now just click on the search result and you will get a window named System Properties. In System Properties windows, just go to Advanced tab and click on Settings that is located underperformance section.

Windows 10 system properties

Step 3. After clicking on the Setting bottom you will get a window of Performance options. In this windows just select Custom option and uncheck some animation that you can leave without or don’t like. You can uncheck those one,

  • Fade or slide menus into view
  • Fade or slide ToolTips into view
  • Fade out menu items after clicking
  • Save Taskbar thumbnail preview
  • Show shadows under mouse pointer
  • Show translucent rectangle
  • Slide open combo boxes

Windows 10 performance options

Or you can choose to Adjust for best performance option, but it will spot all the animations and effects on your Windows 10 device.

Step 4. After all, customization just clicks on Apply button to apply those changes to your Windows 10 device.

Remove All Temp Files from Your Windows 10

Your Windows 10 PC/Laptop makes tons of temp file in every use of your device. Those files are not important and those files are temporary and useless. The amount of those temp file increases day by day. It fills up most of your significant disc space and it helps to decrease your device performance speed. To get a lagging fee windows 10 device you should clean up and permanently delete those temp files from your device. To eliminate those temp files permanently, you have to follow those steps.

Step 1. At first, you have to go running program. To get run, just press Win + R key or search on Cortana by typing “Run” in Cortana Search box.

Windows 10 Start menu

Step 2. After getting on Run Program, Just type “%temp“ in the Open box. And click OK.

Run panel

Step 3. Then you will get a File explorer windows with all full of temp files. Now Select all those temp files and delete them permanently.

delete all selected temp files

To delete them permanently from your Windows 10 device just click the arrow under the delete option. Then you have to click Permanently Delete. Now one part of your unnecessary temp files have been removed from your device!

Permanently deleting option at Windows 10

Note: If you get “The action can’t be completed” notification, then just select the “Do this for all current items” option and click on Skip.

Folder Access Denied

Step 4. Now for removing 2nd part of temp files, go to again at the run program (Win + R) and Type Temp then click OK. After that, a file explorer windows will open with rest of temp files of your windows device. the address of temp file should be “Local Disk(C:\) > Windows > Temp”. Select all the temp files of the folder and delete those files permanently from your PC/Laptop. If you get the same kind of notification like the previous step, just follow the note option of step 3 again.

Ok button in Run panel

Note: if you get this (Access denied) notification, don’t worry, just click on continue. It will be completely safe.

Continue button to deleting temp files

Clean Up Windows 10 Os Disk (C://)

Your Operating System(OS) Disk plays a vital role to get better performance. OS Disk contains tons of temp files, memory dump files, Temporary internet files and also some unnecessary files that fill the space of your OS Disk and at a certain time, it becomes out of space. This is one of the big reason for your Windows device slow performance. You should remove those temp files of your Disk by disk cleaner. Windows have their own disk cleaner. If you want a lag free and faster Windows 10 device(PC/Laptop), then you have to clean those temp and unnecessary files from OS Disk(C).

Just follow these simple steps to disk cleanup:

Step 1. Go to file explorer and then right-click on OS Disk(C://) and click on properties.

Properties option in local OS disk

Step 2. Now you will get a Disk Properties window. In general, tab just click on “Disk Cleanup” option.

Disk Cleanup option

Step 3. Now your Disk Cleanup will start. After Clicking Desk Cleanup, a small window will pop up with a green bar. It will tell you the calculating time of temp files. Wait until you don’t see this window. After getting this cleanup windows, Now select all the file in Files to delete the folder. And click on “OK” to continue the cleanup presses.

Disk Cleanup option selections

After that just wait until the end of the cleanup presses. Now all of your temp files of OS Disk have removed and it will help your Windows 10 device to get faster performance

Disable Some Startup apps of Windows 10

When you start your Windows PC/Laptop, some apps might get also started automatically. It can slow down your Windows device startup speed. You can stop some apps automated startup, and those are unnecessary or unwanted. You can make faster your boot up speed, by customizing those apps automated startup system. If you want to customize those start-up activities of those apps just follow this instruction.

Step 1. Go to Task manager. Right-click on the taskbar and select Task manager to get Task manager or you can press Ctrl +Shift + Esc key to get Task manager. After going task manager, if you don’t see any detailed information then just click on More details. Then go to Startup tab, and disable that app that you don’t want at startup of your Windows Device. To turn off the automating startup of the just right-click on that app from the list and select Disable. You can get another option to disable this at the right-bottom corner of task manager.

just disable the startup of the app you wants

Scan Your Windows 10

This is the last and most important step of this tutorial. Many times for your lack of awareness to your Windows device, some harmful might get entered in our Windows device. just like a virus, malware/bloatware. It can harm your Windows 10 PC/Laptop and make your device slower. It became necessary to clean harmful and unwanted files from your Windows device. You should scan your Windows PC/Laptop to make your device more safe and secure. It also related to the speed of the Windows device. it fills up the system space and makes your Windows device very slow. You should clean them and make your windows device Adware-malware free. To make a scan on your Device just follow this instruction:

Step 1. You can use Windows default scanner program to scan the system. To get Defender on your Windows, just type “Windows Defender” in Cortana search box. After that, you will get windows defender program. Now click on Scan now to start the scan process.

start scan with windows defender

Step 2. After the quick scan, go to update tab and click on update to update the Virus and spyware definitions.

just update the security definition


You can use The Malwarebytes to scan the system. It is an advanced scanner from Windows Defender. The Free Version of Malwarebytes Offers a Power full scan. It will delete all of your virus and Adware-malware from your windows device. Just click on Scan now bottom to start the scanner.

the built-in user interface of malwarebytes

Last Lines

After you follow all the steps, you will get the effect after restarting your Windows 10 device. Restart your Windows PC/Laptop and you will get a faster lag free windows. You will feel the difference.


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