How to Make a Title Page in Google Docs

How to Make a Title Page in Google Docs


The title page is the most important page for every paper project. In the title page, you can get the information about author, publisher, subtitle and other information. Especially, if you are submitting an essay to your teacher, the first thing they will look is the title page. Because that’s the beginning. So, you must format it perfectly. Here we are going to make a title page with Google Docs.

Google Docs is one of the easy word processing platforms. Here you can easily complete your word documents using simple user interface and tools.

How to Make a Title Page in Google Docs

Making a perfect title page in Google Docs isn’t that hard. You just have to follow the provided instructions with proper care. Here’s the full guideline of Google Docs to create an ideal title page.

Step 1: Log into your Google Doc account.

Sign into your Google Account to get access into Google Doc

Step 2: Open a new/blank document.

Step 3: Click twice on the upper part of the document or go to Insert > Header & page number > Header, to get header section.

Select the header option on Google Docs

Step 4: Now, check-in the box named Different first-page header/footer that is located at the lower-left corner of the header line.

Click on the Different first page header or footer check in

Step 5: If you have done, select Times New Roman as text. Then change the font size to 12.

select the times new roman as text and 12 as size

Step 6: Then go to File > Page Setup option. Make sure that is value 1 to all Margin fields.

Make sure that the 1 value is enter on all margin field

Step 7: At the top heading options, click on Line spacing option. Then select Double.

select double as line spacing

Step 8: Now click on Insert > Header & page number > page number. Select the top right cornered option.

Select the first page number option

Step 9: Move the cursor left to the page number. Now type “Running head:” and then type the title with all capital letters. Ex. Running head: THE AMAZING FOREST.

Write down the running head the top left side of the page

Note: You must write the running head at the top left side of the header.

Step 10: After that, press Tab or Space key to place the page number at the right side of the place.

Place the page number at the right side of the page

Step 11: Now move the cursor to the right of page number and press Enter for 6 times until it get’s the third quarter of the page.

Step 12: Click on the Center align(Ctrl+Shift+E) button from the heading options.

Press the align center option from top ribbon

Step 13: Type the title with both upper and lower case. Press Enter.

Title of your paper

Step 14: Then, type the author’s name including the first and last name.

Type the author's first and last name

Step 15: At the next line, write the affiliated institution or publication.

After writing the institute name, your title page is ready

That’s it! You have just created a complete title page in Google Docs. It’s as perfect as the real one. This title page style also gets called as APA Style title page. It’s one of the largely used title pages. However, after creating the title page, you have to format the header for rest of the pages on Google Docs.

How to Configure the header for all pages on Google Docs

Once you set your title page, configure the header for page 2 and rest of the pages. To do that on Google Docs, here we have shown the procedure.

Step 1: Click outside of your Page 1 header.

Step 2: Go to Insert > Break > Page Break.

Step 3: Double-click on the header of Page 2.

Step 4: Click on Insert menu > Header & page number > page number. Then select the first option(upper right side).

Note: Be sure that the page number is 2.

Step 5: Move the cursor to the left of the page number. Then type the title of your paper in capital laters, without ‘Running head’.

Type the title of your paper without "running head"

Step 6: Use the Space or Tab key to place the page number in the correct position.

A completed header on page 2 of your paper

Note: Make sure that the cursor is at the left side of the page number.

Congratulation! You have configured the header for your entire paper Google Docs. Now all of your Google Docs pages will contain your paper title and the current page number. So, hopefully, you can complete the rest of your paper accurately on Google Docs.


As we know, Google Docs is a simple and very effective word processing tool. With its simple user interface, you can complete any types of presentations like title page for free. However, the mentioned title page is just a concept of basic title page. You can also put different variations on your title page using Google Docs.


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