Make a Program Run at Startup in Windows 10

Make a Program Run at Startup in Windows 10


What Does Actually Mean by Startup Programs?

Startup Programs run automatically when user login to their system. Many programs by default run when you boot your computer. Most of those programs are valuable to run your machine properly. And many programs have the feature to add themselves as startup program when you install them to your windows that means they run automatically.add program to start up in windows 10

Make a Program Run at Startup in Windows 10

I personally like to add some specific applications to my startup programs as for example Line, a messaging software. I love to see that app at first because my girlfriend use this software to send me massages. So, I love to check those message at first. Beside this I also love to add Skype and browser to my startup programs.

So, if you want to open your favorite programs at startupĀ  like web browser, email program, file or folder etc, firstly you need to add them to your startup programs.

Now question is how to make a program run at startup?

You can’t add programs at startup process by Task Manager. So, you need to be tricky to do so and hope this article will help you accordingly. This process works perfectly in windows 8, 8.1, 10!

First of all you need to create Shortcut of the programs to run them at startup. Let’s create Shortcut of your favorite programs.

add a program to startup in windows 10
1. Firstly click on Start button and then select All apps those mentioned in the picture by 1 and 2.

Add programs to startup in windows 10
2. Now find your favorite program and Right click on the program. It will opens a popup and then click on Open file location. See your apps Shortcut and please keep open the file. Because we need this shortcut to copy and paste it on startup folder.

Now we need to open our startup program folder.

Startup folder is easily accessible on windows 7 but in windows 8, 8.1 and 10 this feature is little bit tough to find out.

1. To open your startup programs folder press the Windows key+R.
Add programs on startup process in windows 102. This will open Run dialog. Now write shell:startup and hit OK button. Startup folder will open.

3. Now go to the programs folder which we opened earlier. Copy the Shortcut of your favorite program/programs and paste the Shortcut into Startup Folder to run them automatically when you boot your windows computer.

You are done. Now restart your PC and see the programs opened at startup.

Another Easy Ways to Add Programs into Startup Folder

This is an easy way to do so. This process is only works in Windows 10 not in other versions of windows.

1. Firstly open Startup Folder by above mentioned process that means pressing Windows key+R, then enter shell:startup on Run dialog and click on OK button. Now startup folder will open.

add a program to startup in windows 102. Open star menu by pressing Windows key and then click on All apps option.

add programs to startup in windows 103. Now find your desired program, drag and drop the program into Startup Folder. Restart you computer and you are done successfully.

Final Words

You can run specific file, folder, documents etc during boot process by creating Shortcut (Just Right click on and click on Create Shortcut) of them and paste them into Startup folder.

Note: Adding programs to startup folder make you boot process slower. So, try to make the Startup programs list shorter.

Hope this article will help you. Share it with your friends to help them and bookmark for later use.


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