How do You Know if Someone Blocked You on POF (Plenty of Fish)

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The message someone has blocked youAny user can block you on POF anytime without showing any reason. Here I will show you, how do you know if someone has blocked you on POF.

With those proven techniques you can easily determine if someone has blocked you or not. Those clues will give you clear insight on if you are in someone’s blocklist or not.

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on POF

Almost every user have the ability to block you. It’s a pretty easy process to do. So, when someone blocks you on POF, always look for those signs.

  • You can’t search for their profile.
  • You are not allowed to view their profile.
  • All information and pictures can’t be seen by you.
  • You can’t massage that person who has blocked you.
  • The messages you have sent to him/her, get deleted from ‘Sent Messages’

Look, when someone blocks your POF account, you can still see their profile. At PlentyOfFish no one can restrict you from viewing their profile. You can even see their profile on the search list if you search by username.

Even if they hide their POF account, you will still able to find and view their hidden POF account.

But the bad thing is you won’t be able to message him/her again. When you will try to message that user, you will get an unexpected error message. It will say ‘You have been blocked by this user’. That’s the real sign! they have blocked you on POF.

Remember, blocking automatically eliminates you from their favorite list(If you were in their Favourite list).

Why Would Someone Blocked You on POF

There are lots of reason to someone block you on POF. Perhaps, in POF it is not necessary to show reason to block anyone. Here, any user can block you, in case you have sent messages to them. Also, even if you haven’t texted them, still they can block you in a special technique.

Here are some possible reasons to think about.

  • You may have annoyed them with your message
  • In most dating sites, attractive women(men also) get too many messages. Sometimes they chose the ‘Block’ feature to get rid of those overflowing messages.
  • You might not match the criteria that they have set in their Mail settings.

There could be more other reason behind it, but we have mentioned popular and trending reasons.

Blocked on POF (Plenty Of Fish): FAQ

What happens when you block someone on POF?

When you block someone on POF, he/she can’t able to send you messages. But he/she will able to search your profile, can view your profile, all information and pictures.

How do I know if I’ve been blocked on POF?

How do you know if you’re blocked on POF? Just message that person. You will get an unexpected message saying ‘You have been blocked by this user’. So, they have blocked you.

When you block someone on POF what do they see?

When you block someone on POF,
#They can search for your profile.
#They can view your profile.
#All information and pictures can be seen by them.
#They can’t message you.
#The messages they sent to you will get deleted from ‘Sent Messages’.

How to message someone who blocked you on POF?

You can’t. Only you can create a new account and then message that person who blocked you on plenty of fish.

The Bottom Line

👉 Remember,
Your lovers one can block you on POF accidentally. It can happen to anyone. If you suddenly realize that your most loved one has blocked you without any reason check it. Please contact him or her outside POF and inform them about it.

commentSo, that’s how you can know if someone blocked you on POF or not. However, you should check all the possible blocking signs. If the signs match with you, probably you are on their block list. In case you get any unexpected sign, you can use POF Forums. Discuss and talk with other POF user about this.


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