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Surviving out in the wild is definitely something that needs to be considered very carefully, especially when you plan on tying your life to a knife. Well, we’re talking about a survival knife of course and the thing is that there are a lot of them out there you can choose from. But if this is your first journey in the world of survival knives, how can you choose the right one for your needs?


[azonbox3 imgurl= “” imgdsc=” Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty Knife” lnktxt= “Get it on Amazon” linkl=”” headline= “Best Bushcraft Knives” subhline=” Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty Knife with Carbon Steel Blade, 0.125/4.1-Inch ” ]

It goes without saying that in order to buy the Best Bushcraft Knife for your needs, you need to check the knife’s function first. So how about you start your selection process by deciding on what you’re going to use the knife for. For example, some people want to use it to cut apples, but if you want to use yours to cut branches, then you need one that has a good grip, enough weight to warrant an easy use and a high quality blade.

[azonbox1 tagt = “Also Great!” imgurl= “” imgdsc=”Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife” lnktxt= “Get it on amazon” linkl=”” headline= “Bushcraft Knives” subhline=”Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife” text= “Fixed 1095 High Carbon Steel Blade and Black Kraton Handle and Sheath.” ]The quality of the blade in fact is very important and you need to considered the style of the tan, the type of bevel, the thickness of the blade and of course, its length before making a choice. These aspects will influence the weight of the knife and your ability to hold it comfortably in your hand. If you plan on cutting a lot with it, then going for a shorter blade is recommended and that is because it allows you to have better control when using the knife.

When it comes to the bevel, it should be a Scandinavian grind and this is because you can easily sharpen it when necessary. While there are other types of grinds you can go with (like the convex or concave one) they’re not really that great to use for a variety of purposes. Lastly, take into consideration the metal choice (stainless steel or carbon), with steel being more durable and able to hold its edge for longer. Carbon on the other hand, needs more maintenance, but it’s easier to re-sharpen.


Top 5 Best Bushcraft Knives of 2017

1. Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Fixed Blade Knife
2. EnZo Knives Trapper 95
3. SOG Seal Pup
4. Tom Brown Tracker
5. Spyderco Bushcraft G-10

Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Fixed Blade Knife

Best Bushcraft Knives If you’re a survivalist for some time now, then you must have heard about the Mora survival knives. These are made in Sweden and compared to all other models on the market, they will offer you the most bang for the buck. Featuring a fixed carbon steel blade design that’s three point two millimeters thick and coated with anti corrosive, you won’t have to worry about it rusting on you when you need it most. The knife’s total length is nine point one inches and the blade is four point five inches.


Getting down to the grip, you’ll be happy to know it is a high friction rubber type that doesn’t allow the knife to slip from your hands no matter if you’re using it in dry conditions or if your hands are sweaty.

If you’re working with fire steel or you just want to scrape tinder, you’ll find the ninety degree angle of the blade’s spine to be extremely useful. No matter if you want to cut cordage, prepare feather sticks, cut wood or anything else, this knife will help you get the job done easy and fast. Check out our detailed review of morakniv bushcraft carbon fixed blade knife.


Well, there are a lot of good things to say about this knife, but amongst the many positive reviews it received, some people claimed that theirs rusted on the first wash.

Best Bushcraft Knives

EnZo Knives Trapper 95

EnZo Knives Trapper 95The EnZo Trapper 95 is one of those bushcraft knives that has a unique design and it’s made from high quality materials so that it doesn’t give up on you in the direst of situations. While it doesn’t have a long blade (just three inches in length) it does a fairly good job at helping you clean bushes easily, but also comes in handy for tasks such as setting or curving traps.

The blade is very tough, so no matter on what you want to use it, it’s going to hold its own. To be more specific, the Brisa EnZo has a Rockweel hardness of fifty eight – fifty nine and this means it can be easily used for tough works.

Lastly, the grip is guaranteed to be perfect thanks to the Micarta scale handles, while the D2 steel used is corrosion resistant and easy to re-sharpen. Check out our detailed review of EnZo Knives Trapper 95.


This is a good knife overall, but depending on your needs, you may find that the blade is a bit too short compared to other bushcraft knives.

Best Bushcraft Knives

SOG Seal Pup

Best Bushcraft KnivesIf you want to go for the cool look and get a knife that makes you stand out, then the SOG Seal Pup perfectly fits the bill. This is a partially serrated knife that’s great for backpacking, hiking and similar activities and thanks to its four point seventy five inch AUS8 blade (made out of stainless steel), cutting bushes and even tougher materials is going to be a breeze.

Now when it comes to the handle, it’s very durable and rugged and what will probably make you change your opinion about it in a good way, is the inclusion of a Molle compatible nylon sheath.

Overall, the SOG Seal Pup can take a lot of abuse and still cut very well, without you having to worry about re-sharpening its blade again and again. Check out our detailed review of SOG Seal Pup Knife.


A few survivalists who had the chance to use this knife claimed that its build quality is a bit poor compared to other alternatives in the same price range.

Best Bushcraft Knives

Tom Brown Tracker

Best Bushcraft KnivesFeaturing a three point five inch blade made of high quality carbon steel, the Tom Brown Tracker is a bushcraft knife that demands to be taken seriously, especially because it features two rotating steel spring clips and a good Kydex sheath. Due to its build quality and design, it can be used for a variety of purposes, including gutting and filleting.

In fact, the blade is made from 109 high carbon alloys and it’s so sharp that you can also slice through rubber, chop through meat and cut through rope with it.

The handle on the other hand features deep grooves that allows you to hold it very securely in your hands without worrying about the knife slipping out. No matter if your hands are dry or sweaty, the black linen and overall design of the handle will make using it very easy indeed. As for the tip of the blade, it’s built so well that you can easily use it for prying. In fact, you can also open boxes and bottles with it without worrying about the blade splintering. Check out our detailed review of Tom Brown Tracker.


A lot of good things have been said about this knife, but at the end of the day some people believe it’s just too heavy and therefore, not great for cutting.

Best Bushcraft Knives

Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 PlainEdge Knife

Best Bushcraft KnivesThe Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 seems to be a bushcraft knife in a league of its own and what makes it so special is the fact that it was designed off the weapons Bushmen used in the past. Since they needed to cut through many kinds of materials, they required a very sturdy and sharp tool and that’s exactly how the G-10 was designed.

The blade is made from high carbon steel and it measures 4 inches in length, making it the perfect size for most people. The blade can be re-sharpened anytime you want if you ever feel that it’s not sharp enough for the jobs you consider it for.

In fact, the blade is designed in such a way that it allows you to put extra strength when using it. No matter if you’re using it for stabbing, cutting, sawing or even hacking, the blade will perform admirably every single time. One thing to keep in mind though is that it doesn’t feature a hand guard, so for some people this may be a bit dangerous if they didn’t use bushcraft knives in the past. Check out our detailed review of Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 PlainEdge Knife.


A number of people who got this knife said that asides from the problems they hand with the handle scales and the warping issues, the knife performed excellently.

Best Bushcraft Knives

My Personal Choice of Best Bushcraft Knife

After having the chances of trying out all these knives, I made up my mind and decided to go with the Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Fixed Blade Knife. What made me go for this specific model is the fact that it has a short blade which is perfect for the types of jobs I plan on using it for, while at the same time its blade is made from a material that allows me to easily re-sharpen it.

Anyone who used a bushcraft knife can agree that the handle is probably one of the most important features of the knife and thankfully, the Micarta scale handles on the Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Fixed Blade Knife allow the knife to sit comfortably in my hand no matter what I want to do with it. Because of that and the durability it’s known for, it was very simple for me to decide on making it my primary bushcraft knife.

Best Bushcraft Knives