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K12 is a learning and educational organizational that provides and sells various kinds of educational products to their subscriber students. It’s a for-profit education organization. All services of K12 is based on Students of class 1-10 and college (11-12) students that are living in the US. K12 works statewide with local government to improve the schooling system with their technology. According to Wikipedia K12 is the largest EMO(Education Management Organization) at the US.


K12 Login Process

K12 provides an online education and schooling system that is different from the traditional schooling system. K12 is an interesting place for all students and it was made to raise the willingness towards learning something new. To enter this massive world of learning, you have to follow the login process and get into your K12 online account on your device. You can use a Personal computer(Windows, Mac, Linux), Mobile device(Android, iOS, other) to enter at the K12 account.

K12 Login on PC

If you have a computer device, then you can use your computer device to get access to K12 online account with a net connection.


Step 1: Configure/Setup a working and secure intent connection at your computer device. Then open your web browser and type http://www.k12.com/ at URL bar or go over here.

Step 2: Now you will get the official website of K12 with lots of information about their educational technology. Just click on the Login option that is located at the top right side of the webpage.

K12 Login


Step 3: If you have the login page of K12 then, you should enter your Username at the very fist option of the page. Then at the second blank option, provide the correct password of your K12 account and click on the Log In option.

K12 Login

K12 Login on Mobile device

K12 is also very popular destination for all mobile users. If you are a student around class 1 to 12 and you have a smartphone on your hand, then it’s a great opportunity to learn something new and innovative with K12 online! If you have your K12 account on your mobile, then you can get different learning expansions than the traditional schools. It’s an interesting, fun and joyful place to learn and improve your study.

Step 1: If you have configured the intent connection at your mobile device, then just go into any web browser of your mobile device. Now search for K12 login or you should go over here.

Step 2: Here is the login page of K12 account and you have to put the right info rain ton about your account.

  • Put your K12 Username at the first option.
  • At the password section, write the password that was used at your K12 online

Click on the Log In option to get access to your account.

K12 Login

Forgot Password of K12?

Yes, it’s normal to forget your password of your K12 account, so we have added the abbreviation of K12 account recovery option Here.

Step 1: At first, go to the login page of K12 account from your own device. You can follow the login process of K12 account or go over here!

Step 2: So, if you have got the login page, click on the marked Forgot Password? Option.

K12 Login

Step 3: Enter your Username and click on the Continue option.

K12 Login

Then, K12 will start the recovery process of your K12 account. After verifying your identity and information, the K12 authority will provide the options to change the password of your K12 account.

K12 one of the most used E-learning tool that is used by many of students and trusted by their parents. So, just follow those easy steps one by one and you will get a secure access of your K12 account. You can comment your problem or question about K12 at the comment section. You can also check out other E-learning platforms.


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