How to Use a Soundboard on Skype (or any Voip)

(Last Updated On: November 4, 2017)

A Soundboard is most useful hardware when you try to experiment with audio. By using soundboard, you can add a little piece of audio between your online conversation on Skype. You can also merge your microphone and computers sound input into speakers. So, they will be able to hear your voice and computer’s sound also. However, here we will implement you, how to configure a Soundboard on Skype/ Skype Soundboard virtually.

Yes, here we will use a virtual soundboard on Skype. Because many of us may not have real Soundboard hardware to use. But if you really, want to apply soundboard effects on Skype, you can also do it virtually with some excellent piece of software.

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How to Use a Soundboard on Skype (Skype Soundboard)

If you want to use a Soundboard on Skype virtually, you need some software and virtual audio cable. The virtual audio cable will merge your soundboard and microphone output into one line. So, here’s is the list you need to download before starting the process:

  1. Voicemeeter Banana: Download Link
  2. EXP Soundboard: Download Link
  3. Virtual Audio Cable: Download Link

If you have downloaded and installed that component, then you can execute this process on your computer device. Just go through step by step until the end.

Step 1: Open Voicemeeter Banana on your computer.

Step 2: Then select your Hardware Output(A1, A2) at the upper-right corner of Voicemeeter screen.

Select your Hardware Output

Note: Here you have to select your speakers/headphone.

Step 3: After that, select your Hardware Input 1 from an upper-left section of the screen.

select your hardware input 1

Note: Here you have to choose the current microphone device you are using.

Step 4: Now, at Hardware Input 2, select your installed virtual audio cable.

select your virtual audio cable in hardware input 2

Step 5: Open EXP Soundboard, select your virtual audio cable from ‘1st Output’ option. It is located at the bottom part of the EXP Soundboard screen.

select your virtual audio cable from exp soundboards

Note: Here you have to choose, ‘Cable Input (VB-Audio Virtual Cable)’ option.

Step 6:  Open, Skype. Go to Tools > Options… > Audio Settings section.

Step 7: Now, select ‘Voicemeeter Output’ from ‘Microphone’ option. Click on ‘Save’ button.

👉 You can also apply this method to real soundboards also.

So, if you have completed this process, congratulations. Now you can use your real or virtual soundboard on Skype. Now play and experiment with it and do want ever you want.

What’s your story about configuring Soundboard on Skype? Do you have any question about, Skype Soundboard?

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