How to Unblock Someone on Facebook

How to Unblock Someone on Facebook


Facebook is a strong social media, that lets you make friends and stay connected. You can share anything with your friend and message them to make your friendship stronger. But sometimes it gets also wrong and you may block them on Facebook. However, if you want to get reconnected again, you can unblock them. Here we will show you how to unblock someone on Facebook.

After unblocking, they will stay at unfriend on your Facebook profile. But don’t worry, anyone can also send a friend request each other and become a friend again!

How to Unblock Someone on Facebook Using PC

Facebook is a popular social network platform for all computer users. If you are one of the Facebook users who browses their Facebook account on their computing device, then use this process.

Step 1: Open your web browser on the computer. Then log into your Facebook account,

Step 2: Click on the question sign(in a circle) that is located at the top- right side of the screen.

Click on the question sign at facebook

Step 3: Now go to Privacy Shortcuts.

How To Unblock Someone on Facebook privacy shortcuts

Step 4: Chose the option named How do I stop someone from bothering me?.

How To Unblock Someone on Facebook an block options

Step 5: After that, you just have to click on the View All Blocked Users option. It is situated just under that blank box.

How To Unblock Someone on Facebook see block list option

Step 6: Find your blocked friend that you want to unblock. Click on the option Unblock that is beside the name of your Facebook friend.

Click on the unblock button to unblock that profile

Step 7: Click Confirm.

How To Unblock Someone on Facebook

Now he or she will get unblocked from your Facebook account.

How to Unblock Someone on Facebook by Mobile Phone

Smart mobile devices are also known as a compatible device to browse Facebook account. If you are doing so, they can use this process on your smart mobile device.

Step 1: Connect your smart mobile to the internet. Then just log into your Facebook account.

Step 2: Click on the Menu icon on the top-right side of your mobile screen.

Click on the menu icon on mobile

Step 3: Now scroll down and tap on Account settings option.

Go to account settings of your facebook account

Step 4: Go to Blocking option.

block option on facebook mobile

Step 5: Now find your Facebook friend from the block list and click on Unblock button.

click on the unbock button to unblock someone on facebook

Yahoo, you have unblocked your facebook friend!

Conclusion: Unblock Someone on Facebook

Unblocking your Facebook friend lets you build the friendship again. Everything will be fine as before. Hope you will forget all bad incident and start the friendship again. But if they do the same again, then you should take a permanent decision.

But You should remember after unfriending someone on Facebook,
👉 Unfriended person and you both can send the friend request to each other.
👉 You and he/she can see each other’s Facebook profile and public posts.
👉 You can’t block that person again in 48 Hours(2 days).
👉 Now, you can start conversations with the unblocked person.


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