How to Setup Fastest Settings for PCSX2

Let me introduce you, PCSX2. It’s an emulator that lets you run Placation 2 games on PC. Using this masterpiece, you can run PS2 games without any lag. But, you must configure the best settings for PCSX2. Here, we will show How to Setup Fastest Settings for PCSX2. Follow our instruction, you would get success.


How to Setup Fastest Settings for PCSX2

For fast performance, you have to setup fastest settings for PCSX2. Thus, follow the full instruction to setup PCSX2 perfectly.


If you haven’t downloaded PSCX2 emulator on your computer then you can follow these steps. If you have installed PCSX2 then you can ignore this process.


Step 1: First of all, download the PlayStation 2 game iso file.(Ex Ratchet & Clank)

Step 2: Then download the PCSX2 emulator.

Step 3: Download Bios file for the PCSX2 emulator.


Step 4: Unzip the downloaded Bios file.

Step 5: Start installing PCSX2 on your computer. Click Next twice and uncheck ‘Use default settings’ option. Then click on ‘Browse’ button and select the BIOS folder. Click on Finish button.


Setup Controllers

Open PCSX2 and click on Config tab. Then select ‘Controllers(PAD)’ and ‘Plugins Settings’ option.

Now setup your controller by going Pad 1 and pad 2 tab.

Sound Settings

Go to Configuration tab and click on Audio. Now select SPU2-X as your sound plugin. At the Interpretation section, select ‘Linear’ option from the drop-down. It would give more stability on gameplay. At the end, click on Ok button.

Video Settings

From the main PCSX2 screen, go to Configuration > Video > Plugin Settings. At first, select ‘GSdx 890’ as your Video plugin. Now set up to ‘3x Native’ or higher at Internal Resolution settings. Finally, don’t forget to check into ‘Pixel Shader 3.0’, ‘Directx10 Mode’ and ‘Direct3D10’ options. After all, click on Ok button.

Resolution Settings

First, go to System tab and select ‘Enable Widescreen patches’ option. To change the video resolution according to your monitor, click on Configuration tab. Now go to Video > Window settings. Set Aspect Ration to ‘Widescreen’.

Play games

Therefore, now your PCSX2 has its high settings. So, let’s play our downloaded PlayStation 2 game(as shown above). Firstly, Click on CDVD tab. Then go to Iso Selector > Browse, and select your download game(iso) file.

Finally, go to System tab and click on ‘Boot CDVD (fast)’ option. A little while, your game would start with a new window.

For visual instruction, look here:

👉 The PCSX2 emulator is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux also.

Last Word

Above all, the PCSX2 emulator is not made for every computer. We recommend you to try PCSX2 only on gaming pcs. Because, as statistics, many computers haven’t the required hardware to run PCSX2. You must configure PCSX2 perfectly, to play games smoothly.

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