How to Send Money to Ghana from the UK with a Money Transfer App

Moving abroad has its fair share of challenges. You’re working in a new country, probably don’t know anyone, and you’re just trying to adjust. Then you get a call from home that they need money for an emergency. That’s when you realize that you need a sustainable way to send money back home.

As an immigrant from Ghana, sending money from the UK can be a bit slow and expensive, if you don’t know the easiest methods. Opting for a bank transfer is a smart move. After all, many people move funds using banks.

But the waiting time and costs can be unbearable – bearing in mind it’s probably an emergency. Hence, the need for a money transfer app.

Being able to transfer funds swiftly from the UK to Ghana is a blessing to yourself and your dependents back at home. You can avoid excessive fees when using a money transfer app. And at the same time, you can save time. But what’s the procedure?

Sign Up or Sign In

Depending on which money transfer app that you want to use, you’ll need to sign up or sign in to it. Creating an account is usually a fast process when doing so from a money transfer app.

Different apps have their distinct requirements when you’re signing up. Some will simply ask for your name and address, while others might demand for more. In most cases, though, you will need to provide your valid identification documents for validation purposes. This is just to ensure that the platform is free from any cyber criminals and ill-minded persons.

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Load Your Money Transfer App

Load Your Money Transfer App
Next, you will need to add funds to your money transfer app or link it to a funding source – such as a bank account. Depending on which money transfer app you’re sending funds with, there are different funding options.

Some apps permit only the use of cards. Others are more flexible and even allow you to send cryptocurrency. Here, it all comes down to what preferences you have as an individual. Afriex, for instance, gives its users the chance to send both fiat and cryptocurrency. This casts a wider net for different users to swim into.

Also, you need to remember fees when making a decision on which app to use for sending money. Are they offering you friendly fees or exorbitantly duping you? Once you are ready to make the transaction, you can first check the details on how much they’re charging you. Some of the things that might affect the fees include the current exchange rates. You also need to check what the recipient is exactly going to get in Ghanaian Cedis.

Add and Confirm Recipient Details

This is a crucial step that you’ll need to check carefully. This is the point where many end up sending funds to the wrong recipient. Check that the details you’ve added are indeed correct, right before you hit the send button.

If you can check twice, that’s good. Twice, even better. When you send money to the wrong recipient, the reversal might take a while, if at all it happens. You don’t want to wait that long when there’s an emergency back at home.

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How safe is it to Transfer Funds from The UK to Ghana?

Transfer Funds from The UK to Ghana
The safety of such an international transaction comes down to the money transfer app you’re using. What methods do they use to make the transfers? How safe are these methods? You can get answers to such questions and more from the app’s website, or from reviews online.

Safety also depends on whether the money transfer app is registered or not. Check if they are regulated by a financial body. If they aren’t, then chances are that they’re not legitimate.

Also, check whether they’re working closely with banks and financial entities in Ghana. Otherwise, how are you sure that they can even transfer the funds and get them to the destination.

Is their server secure? Is it encrypted? At least with such features, you’re sure that your money will be safe. Money is not something to play around with. Its safety is paramount. The industry standard for security at the time of this writing is 256-bit encryption.

The platform also needs to comply with the KYC (Know Your Customer) standards. For those allowing the use of credit and debit cards, they should be secured using a SecureCode.

Check on the Customer Service Response Time

Finally, as you analyze the money transfer app that you can use, check on their customer service responsiveness. It should be 24/7. You might encounter trouble in the course of using their services. Thus, you need a service that’s fully responsive.

Final Thoughts

As you plan to send money from the UK to Ghana, consider the factors that we’ve shared with you above. This should help you make the transfer a lot easier. Of greatest importance, however, is to remember the need for a good money transfer app.

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