How to Select a Content Writer for Your Blog

Running a blog is anything but easy. You have to think about so many things at once. Things like advertising, exposure, publications, business places, etc., can take all your time and energy. That’s why it’s best to have some help.

Many successful blog owners consider getting content writers. These specialists can help you lift your site in the search, build a loyal fanbase, and deliver your message to the readers. However, choosing the right writer for the cause can be a challenge. Here are some tips you can select as the perfect match for your blog.

Determine your goals

First of all, you should know what you are hiring a writer for and the work you expect. Hence, start by outlining the goals you are trying to achieve with this new hire. In general, content writers can help businesses with numerous tasks. Thus, they can draw more attention to a site, build dialogs with customers, earn brand loyalty, increase sales, spread brand awareness, etc. See which of such purposes suits your needs most.

So, choose a writer who is an expert in similar work. Their portfolio should point that out to you. Next, explain to them what you want from them. You want to be on the same side as your writer. Work on a project description. Set clear goals and explain your expectations. This way, you can start a productive dialog with the candidates.

Set a budget

Of course, a budget plays a big role in what writers and types of cooperation you can afford. Perhaps, you have enough budget to pay for a couple of articles a month. Hence, you can look for a freelancer on relative platforms. Maybe, you can offer a part-time job. It requires higher pay. Yet, you’ll have more time to explain your brand and goals to a new employer. You can also consider getting an in-house writer full-time. Of course, the budget for such types of employment is much higher. Though, you’ll be able to cooperate better and put in more challenging tasks.

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Also, the type of project you need will have a big role in planning your budget. Thus, you should consider the length of your posts, the longevity of cooperation, deadlines, imagery, proofreading and editing work, etc. The more you expect from a writer, the higher your expenses are. In addition, tighter budgets should have more room for corrections, editing, and proofreading. Thus, you are more likely to hire people with smaller experiences who may need some guidance along the way.

Look at past experience

There is no better way to learn about the writer’s capacity and professionalism than looking at their past works. Indeed, you should start your acquaintance with each candidate by looking at their CVs and portfolios. These things will tell you everything you need to know about a writer. The rest is negotiable. However, candidates’ experiences will tell what kind of a writer they are. The CV shows what industries they’ve worked in before and how long. A portfolio will show the writing style, voice, tidiness, editing skills, etc.

Overall, past work experience should tell you everything about one’s skills, knowledge, and talents. Here, you’ll see whether you need to guide a writer into your business or whether they already know everything about it. You’ll learn how easily they can change industries if necessary and whether they’ve ever done it at all. That’s your first step to picking the right person for a job.

Prefer the enthusiastic ones

Running a job is always a person. Such work is always about something that you like and feel passionate about. No one will start a blog about airplanes when they are afraid of flying, right? So, you want everyone involved who’s directly involved in your blog to share your passion. Otherwise, it will influence the work. It’s especially true for writers. They are the link between your message and the audience.

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So, whenever making your final choice, look for enthusiasm. It’s more important than you may first consider. See which one of your candidates is more into the theme of your blog than others. Surely, it’s great to see that they’ve worked in a similar niche before. Yet, knowing whether they enjoy writing about these things can be more valid.

Just think about it this way. Even people who know how to write, let’s say students, still don’t like doing all their assignments by themselves. Why? Because some of the projects are not that interesting. That’s why things like this review site exist. It shows that sometimes passion can be a crucial factor in a job interview. Having a candidate who shares your vision is a big asset to your blog.

Bottom line

You can follow these basic rules to sift through your options. Don’t forget to determine a clear goal for hiring a new writer in the first place. Decide on what you expect from a new specialist before starting the search. This way, you’ll know exactly where to look when checking their portfolios, pay rates, and past experiences. Remember, a good content writer will be a significant asset to your business. So don’t rush.

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