How to Root Sony Xperia L2

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Sony Xperia L2 is the new Android smartphone of the Xperia series from Sony. The smartphones run with Android Nougat OS in it. Also, it has a 5.5-inch display, 3 GB Ram, 8 MP camera and more. But if you want to unlock your Sony Xperia L2, you must root it. Rooting gives you the ultimate freedom to customize your device. Here we will discuss how to root Sony Xperia L2.

With rooting your device, you can unlock many potential features of your Android phone. Just like, you can use custom & stock ROMs, rooted apps, speed up the performance of your Android and many more. But the rooting process might harm your device if you don’t follow it properly.

Although Sony Xperia L2 is a recently released Android phone. The accurate rooting procedure for Sony Xperia L2 hasn’t out yet. But you can try out those methods as an experiment.

How to Root Sony Xperia L2

As a first try, you should use one-click rooting apps. Those are KingoRoot, RootKing, iRoot and others. Using those apps, you can root your Sony Xperia L2 with just one click. It’s a safe and quick process. If you have failed to do that, we have another plan. Charge your phone up to 80% and keep a backup of your data. Turn on the USB debugging under Developer option.

Step 1: Download SuperSU(latest version) tool on your computer.


Step 2: Then connect your phone to the computer.

Step 3: Transfer your downloaded SuperSU file into device’s internal memory.

Step 4:  Reboot your Sony Xperia L2 in recovery mood.

Step 5: Go to Install option from the menu.

Step 6: Then select the SuperSU file & install it.

Step 7: Reboot your phone.

So, that’s how you can root your Sony Xperia L2. Now, check the root status of your device by Root Checker (Root Status) app. It’s an initial process to root your device. More updates are coming soon for Sony Xperia L2.

Readme before leaving:

  1. Your computer device should carry the MTK USB drivers to connect with Sony Xperia L2.
  2. You must turn on the USB Debugging on Developer option.
  3. If you haven’t found the Developer option, then go to About Phone and tap the Build Number for 7 times.
  4. The rooting process might spoil the Warranty. But you can overcome it by the unrooting device.
  5. The same process can be applied to similar builds.

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